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We are a rebel tribe. Our Rebel Workout team is comprised of students and teachers, all looking to reenvision health and movement. Challenging and form focused, our personal training, HIIT, cycle and barre workouts complement all lifestyles. We effectively take everything into consideration, we learn how to craft a workout specifically for your body. 


We understand working out can be daunting, trying something new can be scary, we've got your back each step of the way. Becoming a Rebel is about facing those fears, and allowing us to provide a supportive and positive space to thrive.

Become A Rebel

When you choose to become a Rebel, you choose to commit to creating a healthy new life routine.  You’ve found a tribe of people committed to each other. At The Rebel Workout, we believe in the idea of training smarter not harder. We prize technique and safety all while pushing that edge of individual transformation. 


The Rebel Road

Our effective personal training methods combine a variety of functional training and HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) techniques. A diverse workout stimulates the body, without letting you plateau. Working in a personalized group training environment, our signature REBEL class incorporates high intensity interval training, functional strength movements, and dynamic power in one killer, all encompassing workout. If thats not your style join in on any of our cycle, barre, and pilates combination classes. We offer variety to keep boredom at bay and a philosophy to transform you from the inside out.


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Instructor at The Rebel Workout in Denver
The Rebel Workout Instructor Holding Medicine Ball in Denver