11:00 AM

5 Tips to Beat Jet Lag

With the holidays just around the corner, people are bookin’ flights and getting ready to hit different time zones. Is there anything worse than arriving to a new place, and being slammed by jet lag? Read More

10:00 AM

5 Tips for Eating Healthy at Summer Parties

Independence Day long weekend is coming up, and while you may want to get crazy and blow your healthy eating right outta the water, we know that you’ll regret it afterwards. We’re not saying don’t treat yo’ self, but do make wise(ish) choices so you can keep your health and wellness journey on track. Read More

6:00 AM

The Athleisure Trend: 10 Tips On Pulling It Off

The hottest fashion trend to hit the streets is athleisure. There are too many celebs to mention who currently have their own athleisure line - from budget brand Target’s collaboration with Whitney Port to Beyonce’s higher end line Ivy Park - and everyone is jumping on the bandwagon to rock their own swagger when it comes to the athleisure trend. Athletic wear is no longer limited to the gym - people are wearing their yoga pants to work and for a night out. Here are our top 10 tips on how you should style your athleisure look: Read More