1:40 PM

Meet REBEL Trainer Ben Prat

Meet Ben!  This former vino expert (and current in-house REBEL vino-expert) is one of our newest REBEL and REBEL Iron trainers. Being a former member, he's been a part of the REBEL fam for quite some time, but it was only when he decided that a lifestyle change was in order that he joined the REBEL trainer team. Click here to learn more about how Ben made a healthy lifestyle change and how he continues to help others do the same. Read More

11:03 AM

Meet REBEL Trainer Leanne Lang

Leanne Lang is one of our newest cycle and yoga gurus. A true testament to the saying, “it’s never too late,” Leanne has completely transformed her body, mind, and overall mind/body connection in recent years to now be living a life full of natural, beautiful wellness. And we LOVE having her on our team! ** Learn all about Leanne by clicking here! Read More

1:56 PM

Meet REBEL Trainer Kathryn Morgan

Kathryn is one of our newest trainers here at REBEL. Recently moving from Chicago, she's already proven that she's a true B.A. and we're so glad to have her here as a part of the REBEL family! Read More

4:31 PM

5 Questions with REBEL Client Jen

Meet Jen! This REBEL regular is a native Floridian and is one of the most positive people we've ever met. Learn more about her favorite outdoor activity (hint: vino included) and more here. Read More

5:16 PM

Pilates : The Go-Anywhere Exercises You Need to Know

Pilates is about strength, balance, and flexibility.  It’s a tough but approachable form of exercise that is rooted in controlled movements with an emphasis on alignment, breath control, and core strength. Here, two of our favorite Pilates instructors/studio owners share their favorite go-anywhere exercises that require no equipment at all! Read More

11:00 AM

5 Qs with REBEL Client Kelsey

This former college skier is a ROCKSTAR! Learn more about Kelsey's favorite classes and recent experience hiking her first 14er here. Read More