8:01 PM

The Science Behind Bike + Barre

Our BIKE + BARRE class combines two styles of exercise that build endurance and create long, lean muscles... indoor cycling and barre. This class works your whole body and will seriously get your a$$ in gear, without larger compound movements - i.e. negative on the heavy lifting during this hour in the studio! While consistently engaging your core and working several muscle groups at once, we love that this class develops a toned, balanced physique, while also helping to build a stronger mind-body connection. YES, please!! ** To learn more and to sign up, click here!! Read More

10:00 AM

Not Sure Which REBEL Class to Take? Let Us Break ‘Em Down For You

The REBEL Workout consists of 8 classes - and while those names stay the same, no two workouts are ever the same. We like to keep things fresh at The REBEL Workout, and we hope that you have the opportunity to try ALL of our classes! Read More