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Meet REBEL Trainer Leanne Lang

Leanne Lang is one of our newest cycle and yoga gurus. A true testament to the saying, “it’s never too late,” Leanne has completely transformed her body, mind, and overall mind/body connection in recent years to now be living a life full of natural, beautiful wellness. And we LOVE having her on our team! ** Learn all about Leanne by clicking here! Read More

5:28 PM

July at REBEL!

In case you stayed away for the summer, here's a small sampling of some of the fun you may have missed this past July. Read More

8:01 PM

The Science Behind Bike + Barre

Our BIKE + BARRE class combines two styles of exercise that build endurance and create long, lean muscles... indoor cycling and barre. This class works your whole body and will seriously get your a$$ in gear, without larger compound movements - i.e. negative on the heavy lifting during this hour in the studio! While consistently engaging your core and working several muscle groups at once, we love that this class develops a toned, balanced physique, while also helping to build a stronger mind-body connection. YES, please!! ** To learn more and to sign up, click here!! Read More

1:56 PM

Meet REBEL Trainer Kathryn Morgan

Kathryn is one of our newest trainers here at REBEL. Recently moving from Chicago, she's already proven that she's a true B.A. and we're so glad to have her here as a part of the REBEL family! Read More

2:20 PM

The Science Behind MOTOR(Cycle)

MOTOR(Cycle) is one of the most popular classes on our schedule… and for good reason! It’s a class that is scientifically proven to build heart health, increase our metabolic rate, improve posture and core strength, and burn a TON of calories, all in a way that is relatively low impact. Structured similarly to our signature REBEL classes, MOTOR(Cycle) is full of interval training, with spinning being one of our core intervals. Click here if you want to know more about why MOTOR(Cycle) should be included as an important part of your workout regimen, too! Read More

4:31 PM

5 Questions with REBEL Client Jen

Meet Jen! This REBEL regular is a native Floridian and is one of the most positive people we've ever met. Learn more about her favorite outdoor activity (hint: vino included) and more here. Read More

11:21 AM

What You Need Know About Functional Training

Programming at REBEL is built on a scientific system that will push your limits, test your strength, and build your mental toughness. At the heart of it all, REBEL is functional training, centered on mobility and stability training. Using a wide variety of muscles in ways that mimic real life, focusing on our core, and including plenty of dynamic movements, we consistently improve our quality of life and become better prepared for any obstacles that come our way. From relieving joint pain, to dramatically burning fat, to improving coordination, agility, and balance, REBEL programming is a scientifically proven way to boost your overall health and wellbeing. To learn more about functional training and our programming at REBEL click here. Read More

5:47 PM

5 Questions with REBEL Client Wyatt Davis

This week, we're meeting REBEL Ambassador Wyatt Davis. Check out how this triathlete balances her training schedule with strength-training the REBEL way! Read More

5:16 PM

Pilates : The Go-Anywhere Exercises You Need to Know

Pilates is about strength, balance, and flexibility.  It’s a tough but approachable form of exercise that is rooted in controlled movements with an emphasis on alignment, breath control, and core strength. Here, two of our favorite Pilates instructors/studio owners share their favorite go-anywhere exercises that require no equipment at all! Read More

11:42 AM

5 Questions with REBEL Client Kara

Oh hey there, REBEL fam!  This month our client spotlight happens to be one of our badass REBEL Ambassadors - Kara! Read More

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