It's Time for Your Digital Detox!

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We live in a world where technology is a major part of our everyday lives - we rely on phones to wake us up, tell us what our day looks like, give us directions, order food … literally, EVERYTHING. How often are you waiting in line for something and your default time killer is to check social media or quickly respond to an email? 


Maybe you’re one of those people who doesn’t look at your phone after 7PM every night. We applaud you and your self control! Unfortunately, people like you whiz kids are few and far between.


So, what’s the damage in being addicted to your smart phone?

 - We’re connecting to people on a deep, personal level less and less.

 - Stress levels are increasing, spiking cortisol levels and creating hormonal imbalances. If you want more info on what cortisol is and what is does, check out our post on Breakin’ Down Cortisol.

 - We’re getting less quality, restorative sleep.

 - You know what less sleep means, right? Less exercise, poor food choices … and the list goes on and on.

 - Drivers distracted by their phones are causing all kinds of accidents.


So, especially with the holidays coming up, here’s our challenge to you:



Pick up your phone less. Connect to people more. Live your life in the moment, in the present, and surrounded by PEOPLE, not technology. 


So, what does a digital detox look like? Stepping away or limiting technology may look slightly different for everyone, but here are our top tips.


Turn off notifications on your phone.

Don’t feel the need to put everything on silent and ignore Grandma Olive when she calls for her monthly update, but DO try to silence your push notifications from social media and email. Do you *need* to know every time someone likes your Instagram post (that you took 253 photos for, just to get one good one)? Do you *need* to know that Sephora emailed you about the latest Winter trends? Do you *need* to know that it’s Joe Hammock’s birthday on Facebook (you know, the kid with thick glasses from 2nd grade)? That answer is no. Turn those notifications off ASAP!


Engage in activities that occupy your hands, body, and brain.

Go for a hike. Jump in the lake for a swim. Learn how to backcountry ski and skin up that mountain. Stop by the studio and lift some kettlebells. Heck, take up cooking! Engaging in an activity that will keep all parts of your body busy will keep you off that damn phone. Oh! And if you’re looking for some of our fav recipes to kick off your cooking journey, check these out:

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Grain Free Chocolate Chip Cookies
Watermelon Gazpacho

Bulletproof Matcha Latte


Don’t sleep with your phone in your bedroom.

Seriously. Get an old-school alarm and use that to wake you up. Having your phone in a different room means you’re less likely to troll the internet at 3AM when you can’t sleep. It also means that when your drunk friend accidentally pocket dials you at 1:54AM on a Tuesday, it’s not going to wake you up. Think screens before bed aren’t really that big a deal? Harvard researchers would tell you otherwise: they recently found that those infernal machines we love so much can disrupt melatonin production, sleep quality and mood. So … less sleep which, over time, can encourage the development of a host of life-altering health problems. If you need help winding down before bed, check out 5 Stretches for Sleep.


Meditate … the old school way.

Learn to be still and quiet your mind. Meditation is a great way to clear your head, allowing you to refresh your brain by giving it a few moments throughout the day to wander, to take in your surroundings, and appreciate where you are in the moment in the real world, not the digital one. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again - meditation is great for the body and mind! Read this post for more info: Meditate Your Way to Happiness.


No matter which methods you decide to use, giving yourself a digital detox will allow you to feel relaxed, refreshed, and centered in your present moment. 


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