The Science Behind REBEL L.I.T.


If you’re new to this series, we’re in the middle of discussing the science behind each of our most popular classes. Whether you’re new to the REBEL scene or a tried-and-true regular, this series will help you to understand the goals and scientific principles behind each type of class so that you can make sure that you’re fitting the classes that are best for you into your busy schedule.

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But, without much further ado, let’s jump into the class we’re highlighting this month… the science behind one of the most unique classes on our calendar… REBEL L.I.T.


What is REBEL L.I.T.?


Let’s start from the top.  REBEL L.I.T. stands for REBEL “Low Impact Training.”  It’s a completely unique class that includes only lower impact movements than you might usually see in our traditional classes.


Think more strength-training and pilates-style movements, less plyometrics and time on the treadmill.


But don’t think that low impact means less work.  While we’re focused on being kind to our joints in these 55 minutes, our fearless leader Melissa is going to make sure you still get all of the strength and functional training you’ve grown to expect from our classes.


Why You Should Consider Trying REBEL L.I.T.


With REBEL’s fearless founder Mel being the creative mind behind this class, you know you’re in for a great workout.  She designs this class with every body type in mind, with circuits created to make you sweat, but to keep your joints intact for the long run.


Whether a REBEL devotee or brand new to working out, low impact training is right for you because it’s the ideal environment to perfect your form and technique, helps you learn to stabilize muscle movements, is an opportunity to learn appropriate modifications if you’re recovering from injury or learning pre- or postnatal techniques, and it’s the perfect way to get in a great sweat without worrying too much about creating additional injuries.


So let’s dive into some of the specific reasons why you should find a spot on your calendar for REBEL L.I.T. in the near future.


Ideal to Perfect Form and Technique

When designing a REBEL L.I.T. class structure, the instructors tend to allow for a bit more individualized attention.  Because of this fact, REBEL L.I.T. is the ideal environment for correcting any improper form you may be showing in your workouts, allowing you to zone in on perfecting your everyday workout technique.


Lifting heavy and focusing on explosive movements is our go-to for many of our signature classes, but they can be very taxing on your body, especially if your form is even a little bit off from the functional training methods we so frequently suggest.  To avoid injury, we suggest that learning proper form and technique should be a priority for you, especially if you’re new to working out.


Focusing on the educational component of this class, REBEL L.I.T. allows you the time and attention you need to develop proper form going forward.  This will help you prevent injury and keep you healthy during tough workouts for years to come.


Focuses on Stabilizing Muscle Movements

Stabilizer muscles help us to move efficiently and with good mechanics. As an example, let’s picture our delts while doing a bench press.  While your pectorals and triceps are the primary movers, your delts are what are helping you to deccelerate and lower the bar effectively. Thus they are stabilizing the movement, and are your “stabilizer muscles.”


In REBEL L.I.T., we focus on strengthening and effectively engaging our largest stabilizer muscles.  Thus, you’ll notice a lot of glute and core work, as well as several unilateral and balance-focused movements.  These exercises will ensure that your stabilizer muscles are able to be strengthened and will engage to provide fluid movements throughout the day, whether your working out or walking to work.


Learn Modifications

Even with proper form and a focus on technique, almost everyone will go through a season in our lives where modifications should become necessary.


From recovering from injury or a medical procedure, to keeping up fitness pre- or post-pregnancy, to just dealing with general signs of aging, workout modifications can be the difference between hurting our bodies or maintaining long term fitness finesse.


Even more, modifications help us rid ourselves of excuses and help us work towards our fitness goals. If starting a new workout program feels too challenging, or if any workout is leaving you feeling defeated instead of accomplished, then let’s figure out how to modify those moves to keep propelling you towards your fitness goals!


Prevents Future Injuries

Many of us have a list of injuries to go along with our accomplishments.  But that doesn’t need to be the case!


Being kind to our bodies - our skeletal bones, muscles, and joints - means that our bodies can function longer and better.  While we love our tough workouts and putting our bodies through the ringer just as much as the next REBEL member, allowing our muscles and joints a bit of a break is ideal, too.


But don’t think that this class is crafted to be easy.  We know that you will be sweating by the end of class and will feel every muscle working.


We promise… you won’t regret showing up for REBEL L.I.T.!


In coming weeks, we’ll continue to dive into our specific workout classes to share why they’re an important piece of our schedule.  Specific to our REBEL L.I.T. classes, don’t hesitate to ask our trainers if this class might be right for you. And remember that you can always email us at, too!


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