The Science Behind REBEL


If you’re new to this series, we’re in the middle of discussing the science behind each of our most popular classes. Whether you’re new to the REBEL scene or a tried-and-true regular, this series will help you to understand the goals and scientific principles behind each type of class so that you can make sure that you’re fitting the classes that are best for you into your busy schedule.

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But, without much further ado, let’s jump into the class we’re highlighting this month… The Science Behind our signature class, REBEL.


What is REBEL?

Simply put, REBEL is maximum functional training, wrapped neatly in a 50-minute package.  Combining both strength-building and cardio-focused exercises, our goal for all of our REBEL classes is to keep you moving and to keep your body guessing.


While each REBEL class is completely unique, the one consistency that you’ll notice is that we typically use the whole room.  Treadmill, rowing machines, Bosu balls, weight sleds, battle ropes, hand weights, plyometric movements, partner and solo work - really, anything is game in this class.  Your mental and physical strength will be tested, but after each class, as long as you worked hard and kept moving, you also will feel stronger.


Attending a REBEL class is an experience not to be missed.  It was the first class on our calendar, and there’s a reason it still fills the majority of our schedule - because it works!


Why should you consider trying REBEL?

There are several reasons that you should consider making it a priority to fit at least one REBEL class onto your calendar each week.  They’re functional training to their very core!


When our REBEL trainers are designing their classes, they make sure the programming elevates your metabolism - allowing you to burn a TON of calories throughout the entire day, even well past your workout - , builds increased muscle and definition, efficiently uses your 50-minutes of time, and, perhaps most importantly, makes the moves able to be modified for every fitness level.


Let’s dive into each of these benefits individually…


Elevates Your Metabolism

Our REBEL classes are built with a focus on anaerobic interval training.  Physiologically, this is a fancy way of saying that our classes are structured to efficiently use your body’s reserves of energy throughout your workout.  So, not only are you burning a lot of calories during your time working out, but also your metabolism is elevated to a level where your body keeps burning calories long after your REBEL class.


After you leave your REBEL workout, your body will be trying to restore itself to its normal resting state, replacing energy and repairing any muscle protein damaged throughout class.  Hours later, your body will still be tapping into fat stores and will need to continue using energy ongoing throughout these repairs, which means that your metabolism is kept at an elevated level through much of the day.  This allows you to burn more calories and more efficiently use the nutrition you consume, all thanks to your 50-minutes in class!


Builds Increased Muscle & Definition

We pride ourselves on the fact that REBEL builds strength, both mental and physical.  You work hard the whole time you’re in class and use every part of those 50-minutes to the absolute max.


But specific to increasing physical strength, our REBEL classes are scientifically crafted to perform.  The moves we include tend to place a significant amount of metabolic stress on muscle tissue. When muscle fibers repair themselves after a tough workout, they increase in thickness and number, thus driving muscle growth and definition.  Add to that your elevated metabolism mentioned above and you are fast on the road to a super defined physique!


Is an Efficient Use of Time

We can’t be the only ones with crazy, jam-packed schedules.  Thus, we totally understand the need for a super efficient workout.


REBEL is built to improve your fitness level quickly and efficiently.  In fact, a study by the American College of Sports Medicine found that only two weeks of REBEL-style, functional training improves your aerobic capacity as much as six-to-eight weeks of endurance training!


Plus, our trainers design REBEL classes to include constantly changing, dynamic movements.  Thus your heart-rate is increased quickly and your entire body is worked throughout class. This means that you are getting a complete total-body workout in a short amount of time.  As long as you stay consistent and work hard, you’re essentially guaranteed to both see and feel results!


Can Be Modified for Every Fitness Level

As we highlighted in our post on functional training, our core focus at REBEL is on functional movements that dramatically increase the ease of daily life.  And our REBEL classes are at the center of that philosophy.


But one of the biggest benefits that we’ve found in functional training is that, no matter your current fitness level, these classes work!  Whether you need to increase or decrease weight while lifting, do push-ups on the wall or one-handed push-ups, change the angles of your TRX bands to make them more difficult or ease up a bit, functional training can be modified to work for you.


Whether a seasoned REBEL vet, or if it’s your first step in the gym in many years, REBEL classes will make sure you work hard and grow mentally and physically.  No matter your fitness level, you are welcome and wanted here!


In coming weeks, we’ll continue to dive into our specific workout classes to share why they’re an important piece of our schedule.  Specific to our REBEL classes, don’t hesitate to ask our trainers if this class might be right for you. And remember that you can always email us at, too!


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