5:22 PM

The Science Behind REBEL L.I.T.

REBEL LIT (aka REBEL Low Impact Training) is a crazy cool, wildly unique class on our calendar. Focused on lower impact movements, such as strength training, pilates, and stabilizing muscle movements, this class is the perfect solution for anyone wanting to improve their form, interested in learning modifications, or for those wanting to avoid future injury. This class will keep your entire skeletal system - muscles, bones, joints - in good working condition so that you can keep up your fitness mojo for the long run. Click here to learn all about it! Read More

11:00 AM

Meet REBEL Trainer Lauren Tieri

Meet Lauren! This fun-loving powerlifter also just happens to be our NEWEST TRAINER - and she’s a total B.A. Check out her profile and see what you can expect in her classes by clicking here. (Hint: You’ll find your barriers… then completely tear them down! This woman is inspiration to the extreme!) Read More

9:02 AM

The Science Behind REBEL

Our signature REBEL classes are at the center of our functional training programming. These classes require HARD WORK and dedication to complete, but the rewards you’ll reap are worth it! Stronger in mind and body, an elevated metabolism, and a more defined physique, all efficiently wrapped into 50-minutes of time. Plus, the moves in our REBEL classes can be modified uniquely to your needs, meaning that all fitness levels are welcomed and wanted here! ** Learn more and checking out this post by clicking here! Read More