Meet REBEL Trainer Kathryn Morgan

Kathryn Morgan

Kathryn has been teaching group fitness for six years and has taught all formats from Zumba to Cycle to Strength Training. She's currently teaching MotorCycle, REBEL, and REBEL IRON at the REBEL Workout - check out the links to her classes below.


Since she started getting involved in fitness, she's worked with a goal to well round herself and her work in the fitness field in order to relate to her clients. She have trains everyone from beginners, to kids, athletes, active adults, and special needs, and ages ranging from 7 to 85, always helping them identify their needs and live their best life. In 2017, she also competed in her first powerlifting meet, ran her first 1/2 marathon, and also completed my 200 hour Yoga certification.


We love her positive attitude and are inspired by her message that anything is possible an intention.


Read on to learn more...


1) What inspired you to join The REBEL Workout and how long have you been a part of the business?

After managing, teaching, and coaching at the best boutique fitness studio in Chicago for two years, I was ready to align myself with my needs; one of which is nature. Denver has the best of both worlds and I immediately went searching for a new fitness home. The REBEL Workout was exactly what I was looking for, welcoming and driven all with a beautiful balance of community and hard work. I officially started on the schedule in May of 2018 and I continue to look forward to bonding with this amazing community.


2) What does a typical day look like for you?

Since I just moved here at the end of April, I haven't specifically gotten into a "typical day" routine. However, I am slowly organizing myself to do so.

Currently, I wake up around 6am, clean, workout, and end up sitting in a coffee shop as I work on my online fitness content. I usually teach the afternoon classes at REBEL, so I'll head home for a healthy, homemade lunch before heading to work to teach classes. I get home around 7:30pm, write down my goals for the next day, and I'm in bed by 9pm!


3) What is your favorite part of working at The REBEL Workout?

My favorite part of working at The REBEL Workout is the community! From the patrons to my coworkers, everyone has a great attitude and is striving to be the best version of themselves. I am a firm believer that you are the company that you keep and I could only hope to be as positive, creative, and driven as all of the REBELS.


Now for the fun part: Lightening Round

What did you think you would be when you grew up?:I thought I would be a zookeeper when I grew up. I love animals!

Favorite mantra or quote: Postive attitude, positive results.

What's one thing most people don't know about you?: Most people don't know that I broke my arm 5 times all before the age of 12!

What do you never leave home without? I never leave home without my water bottle. Hydration is everything!

One thing you're most proud of accomplishing in 2018: I'm most proud of myself for moving across the country to Colorado alone. If it didn't fit in my car, it didn't come with! I packed up at the end of April and moved to Colorado by myself, with little plan, but the determination to start over, put my needs first, and live out my main goal in life and for those I work with: balance through fitness, nature, and mindfulness. 


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