5 Questions with REBEL Client Jen

Jennifer Brown _1

REBELS! We have another gorgeous face to introduce you to this month! Meet JEN!


Break it down for us, Jen - what are the details we should know?

Hey hey, I’m Jen! Born and raised in S. Florida (east coast), I moved to Denver about a year and a half ago to do life with my then boyfriend / now husband (Cris)  it’s been awesome living here, experiencing four seasons and minimal humidity! Picked up a couple new hobbies - skiing and mountain biking - to try and fit in and do as the locals do. I work as an account manager for a production and staging company specializing in corporate events. When I moved I was able to keep my position and now work remote from home. It’s a pretty sweet set-up – get to avoid that rush hour traffic, skip the snowy commute, and take my ‘lunch’ break at REBEL. Love those noon classes.


I joined REBEL a little over a year ago. Timing was perfect; I was on a mission to find my sweat spot, recently engaged, and needed to get wedding ready. I’ve been hooked since that first REBEL class.


 [Funny story – the Wednesday before my wedding I was getting in one last workout. Trying to crush some box jumps, I got a little aggressive with my ‘wind up’ and smacked my hand on the box (super coordinated). The next morning, I realized I broke my 4th metacarpal (above left ring finger) and couldn’t wear my rings... must be good luck. Silver lining – the doctor let me wait to get a cast until after the wedding / the day before we left for our Hawaiian honeymoon. ]


1. What does a typical day in your life look like?

I work eastern hours so during the week, I’m up early and ‘clocked-in’ by 6:30. I’ll spend the morning working, then head to the noon class as long as work permits or I’m not being lazy. After the workout, I’ll finish out the work day around 3/3:30. If it’s a good week and I made it to the grocery store, we’ll cook dinner, relax and watch some TV. We’re in bed pretty early - just a couple of party animals! Weekends are reserved for whatever feels right, which can range from an adventure in the mountains or just hibernating.

jennifer Brown _2

2. Go-to pre- and post-workout snack?

I don’t really eat before REBEL (made that mistake once..). Usually, I’ll eat lunch after a workout which typically consists of leftovers from the night before or a salad or a protein smoothie from berriegood co (recently discovered that place – it’s great).


3. What results have you seen since becoming a REBEL?

Overall increase in strength and endurance being at altitude. Living at sea level my whole life, it took some adjusting to and REBEL has been great for that. I’ve also noticed changes to my upper body with some new arm muscles peeking out  


4. Favorite way to sweat outside of TRW?

Sipping vino outside while thinking about hiking…


5. What's the best part about being a REBEL?

Being surrounded by some pretty cool people, getting my butt kicked EVERY workout and staying motivated to keep coming back for more. All the trainers are passionate about what they do and bring great energy to class. I also love the diversity among the members – all ages and levels of fitness. The vibe is positive; everyone’s there to get in a good workout.


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