5 Questions with REBEL Client Wyatt Davis

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Hi my REBEL peeps!  This month our client spotlight is the crazy awesome triathalete Wyatt Davis.


So, Wyatt, tell us all about yourself. Who are you and how’d you find us here at REBEL?


Hi, REBEL fam! I’m Wyatt. I’m a Boston native that moved to Denver in 2013 to rid myself of being a Masshole, escape the humidity (curly hair hell), and enjoy the mountains and sunshine.


For work, I am an IT Project Manager at MetLife. I enjoy it because, with no education in IT, I am humbly reminded every single day of how much I have to learn, and that’s good for me. Other perks include working with great people, exercising my borderline OCD daily, and having the ability to do what I love outside of work.


I joined REBEL in the Fall of 2017 after a long triathlon season that left me feeling really…weak! I could swim, bike, and run for a 5 hour race, but a pull up? Nope. I loved spending my summer training, racing, traveling to train and race, trail running, and falling off my mountain bike, but I found myself in need of a place to settle in and build my strength and stability back up. The REBEL community welcomed me with open arms.


1. What does a typical day in your life look like?

I’m a morning person – the annoying kind that’s ready to chit chat as soon as I open my eyes – so I like to work out in the morning. I mix it up with REBEL, spinning, running, doing my own PT/strength/mobility at home, and swimming. I actually hate swimming… but I feel great afterwards and I like triathlons enough to suck it up!


Afterwards, I head home, stomp around the kitchen with my roommate Kara while we make our various morning concoctions, snuggle with Brody (Kara’s mini goldendoodle), make myself presentable for work, and head out the door. I usually get to work on the early side so I can be home early enough to catch up with Kara on the day, snuggle with Brody some more, and engage in whatever extracurricular I’m into at the moment. Most recently it’s been GMAT studying and Madame Secretary, sometimes it’s dinner with friends or a hip hop class, and lately I’ve been painting a bit. If I’m lucky and the weather is good, I get out to the foothills to ride or run; if I’m unlucky, I’m fighting hypothermia after a bike ride up Squaw Pass (fellow REBEL ambassador Sarah Dunn and I are still learning cycling smarts). I’ll happily go to bed at 7:30, but my usual is 8:30-9.


2. Go-to pre- and post-workout snack?

Pre: scoop of peanut butter

Post: protein smoothie or sushi, depending on the time of day


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3. What results have you seen since becoming a REBEL?

Strength and stability! Quite contrary to how I felt before starting REBEL this fall, I now feel powerful and stable in my body. REBEL workouts really help balance out those long bikes and runs, and I love that REBEL instructors are always willing to help if I’m dealing with an injury or need to slow down and work on my mechanics.


4. Favorite way to sweat outside of TRW?

Trail running. I feel human, raw, and alive when I’m out running on trails.


Also lacrosse! I love how quick it is, and it’s so much fun to play with former college opponents when we don’t have coaches breathing down our necks.


And also biking! I love a long ride on a sunny day with a couple of friends.


And skiing of course! Love me some moguls.


Ok that’s it…


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5. What’s the best part about being a REBEL?

The REBEL culture. I love that the people here create a space to support both the individual and the community. REBEL keeps it simple – it’s all about showing up as you are, doing your best, and sweating it out together.


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