How Exercise Can Be Used as Form of Recovery

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Everyone knows that regular exercise is good for the body.  But, even deeper than that, did you know that exercise is also one of the best ways to recover from emotional and physical trauma? Regular exercise has a profoundly positive impact on depression and anxiety, while also helping to relieve stress, improve sleep, and boost overall mood.  The physical and mental improvements that come from fitness are incredibly beneficial, especially as a person starts taking steps toward regaining their strength.

If you or anyone that you know of is working towards recovering from emotional or physical trauma, we’re here to help!  Below are just a few of the amazing ways that we have been witness to men and women alike finding recovery through fitness.

5 Ways Exercise Can Be Used as a Form of Recovery

Solidifying a Routine

Returning to a regular routine, while incredibly difficult, is an essential part of recovery.  And fitness can help!

Fitness, especially when its a regular, daily practice creates a form of stability, centeredness, and independence in an otherwise fast-paced, wild, and sometimes crazy world.  Your fitness routine, over time, becomes a certain commitment to yourself.  It’s a way to prove to yourself that you can rise. You are capable and you can keep promises to yourself.  Committing to fitness as a part of your new routine helps you to continue on the path towards a better life.

Becomes an Element of Self Care

Showing kindness to your body on a daily basis through fitness is one way to show yourself self care.  This becomes a deep contrast to self-punishing or self-harming behaviors that many may be experiencing following a traumatic experience.

Appreciating and caring for your body in a loving, graceful way helps you to repair your connection with yourself, both externally and internally.  You are making the decisions that are best for you and are helping to make you stronger.  When you exercise, you are putting yourself first.

Builds Confidence

One of the best feelings in the world is being able to accomplish something that you weren’t able to a year ago, or maybe even two weeks ago!  You are growing and becoming a better, stronger version of yourself.

When you participate and commit to a fitness program, you are building endurance both physically and mentally.  You are proving to yourself that you can overcome obstacles and achieve something that you once felt to be impossible.

Sometimes, just one act of surprising yourself with your own abilities is the breakthrough you need to build your confidence on the road to recovery.  If you commit to fitness, we promise that you’ll be amazed with your own strength.

Physically Strengthening Your Mind and Body

According to Claire Burke Draucker, Ph.D., R.N., professor of Mental Health Nursing at Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis, “Healing… often entails restoring of one’s sense of self.  This phase often comes later in the recovery process after individuals have had an opportunity to process the trauma, begin to make sense of it, and understand the impact it's had on their lives.”

Fitness allows you to modify specific workouts and movements to a form that works for you, and you alone - no two workouts will be exactly alike.

You are strengthening yourself at the speed and level to which you feel comfortable.  You have control of your body and are able to reconnect with your body and emotions.

Nobody else can build somebody’s strength.  We, as trainers, will just be your guide within this process.

Exercise Gives You Endorphins

Exercise, in general, gives you endorphins.  Research has shown that these endorphins make you more positive and give you more energy.

While one workout won’t immediately build your mood, it will help you on the road to being happier within your life in general.

Personal Training

Another option that is always available is to book a one-on-one personal training appointment with one of our incredible trainers. We are realistic in goal setting, and we can explain what to expect in each session. We can also optimize each session - with a goal to strengthen you mentally and physically with specific modifications to keep you comfortable and on track. Our trainers get to know your body and what you’re capable of and tailor each session to YOU.  To book a session, email us at and let us know that you want to learn more.

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