5 Questions with REBEL Client Abigail

5 Questions with REBEL Client Abigail | Blog by The REBEL WorkoutREBELS! We have another gorgeous face to introduce you to! Meet ABIGAIL!

Break it down for us, Abigail - who are you, whaddya do, and how long have you been a REBEL?

Hi! I'm a Colorado native and grew up in Fort Collins, CO. I graduated from CU Boulder in 2014 with a teaching certificate and a degree in English Literature. I moved to Denver soon after! I started my teaching career as a reading interventionist but was easily drawn to kindergarten :). I will be finishing my second year and moving onto the third in the Fall. I found TRW through Classpass last year and fell in love with the intensity they provide, even in barre classes. I just officially reached the one year mark with TRW and will continue for as many more as I can!

1. What does a typical day in your life look like?

I start my days early with lots of coffee! I teach kindergarten at Smith Elementary in North Park Hill so my days are usually a little unpredictable :). When the school day is done you can find me at TRW for a class, or at home cooking. Besides my workout, my nights stay pretty quiet and relaxing with my kitty so I can gear up for the next day.  

2. Go-to pre- and post-workout snack?

Before the gym I usually like to squeeze in some fruit and yogurt or a trail mix. After class I usually make dinner or have leftovers, which includes chicken or ground turkey and veggies of some kind.


3. What results have you seen since becoming a REBEL?

Since becoming a REBEL I've gotten a lot stronger! Last year I hurt my ankle badly and I was limited with what I could do, but TRW was amazing at helping me find ways to complete every workout. I've gotten all my strength back and then some as a result!


4. Favorite way to sweat outside of TRW?

On the weekends I like to take barre classes and explore some of the different studios around Denver. Now that the weather is warming up, I’ll be taking hikes and playing at the park too :).


5. What's the best part about being a REBEL?

I love the TRW community and how personal each group class feels. The trainers are amazing and truly care about the success of every single client :).

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