5 Questions with REBEL Client Mariah

5 Questions with REBEL Client Mariah | Blog by The REBEL Workout

It’s been a couple of weeks since we introduced you to another one of our incredible clients, so without further adieu, meet Mariah!

Break it down for us, Mariah - who are you, whaddya do, and how long have you been a REBEL?

I am a science fiction junkie, avid knitter, mountain hiker, reader, pet lover. I’ve got two silly, yet fantastic, border collies. I have my own business as a portrait photographer, my studio is a turn-of-the-century brownstone church. I’m passionate about creating beautiful legacy prints, but also giving my clients an amazing customized experience. I joined The REBEL Workout during the Summer of 2016. I was looking for intelligent trainers that did more than just count your reps. I was thrilled to find so many savvy, smart, and creative trainers. I initially worked with Heidi to help get strong after a neck injury and love the people, the workouts, and the space … I’ve been a REBEL ever since!

1. What does a typical day in your life look like?

As I’m self employed, the days are all a bit different. They all start with exercising my two border collies and myself. Then it’s 'off to work' in my studio or at the computer. Sometimes I’ll head off for a short hike. Then relax, socialize, dinner, and finally yummy sleep.

2. Go-to pre- and post-workout snack?

I’m usually working out shortly after pulling my face off the pillow, so I don’t eat much beforehand. I generally toss some almonds in my mouth and grab the water. Post workout: breakfast! Eggs with a big dose of green veggies, cooked in some goat butter, Himalayan sea salt. Maybe a splash of salsa. Tea with goat butter.

3. What results have you seen since becoming a REBEL?

I’ve seen HUGE results! I wasn’t able to workout for a couple years due to a neck injury, but the REBEL trainers (Heidi!) were able to help me find ways to workout that didn’t irritate my injury and helped me get stronger and get my sweat on. My first goal was to just have any sort of movement without pain; now I’m able to take on any of the TRW classes. I’m so grateful.

4. Favorite way to sweat outside of TRW?

Hiking. I love to get out away from the crowds and go up. up. up.  

5. What's the best about being a REBEL?

The community. It’s a small gym, they remember you, they care about you, and they push you. The variety of classes offered and savvy trainers are really above and beyond what I’ve found in other places.

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