5 Stretches to Get You Hot and Steamy : Valentine's Day Edition

5 Stretches to Get You Hot and Steamy : Valentine's Day Edition | Blog by The REBEL Workout

With V-Day right around the corner, we thought we’d provide you guys with a few of our favorite partner stretches to make things you know ... hot and heavy ... with your special someone.

We’re obviously not just gonna give you frivolous stretches either. These bad boys are going to benefit your bod, while benefiting your relationship! All of these stretches require deep breathing with your partner. And just so you know ... deep, in sync breathing has been linked to better sex ;). Yeah, you’re welcome.

Alright, here we go!

Partner Baddha Konasana

This is a perfect stretch to start with - it’ll get your breathing insync and line up your central energy channels (along where your chakras are!).
  • Sit back to back with your partner, with the soles of your feet together, and your knees apart, in the yoga position known as "cobbler's pose" or "bound angle."
  • Close your eyes and feel your back pressed up against your partner's (one of you can sit on a cushion if you're much shorter).
  • See if you can begin to synchronize your breath with your partner's, inhaling together through the nose; exhaling together through the nose.
  • Take 10 slow, deep belly breathes together.

Opening Stretch

To help open up your chest, stomach, and hips, this stretch requires silent communication to work together.
  • Still in this back-to-back position, one of you will begin to gently fold forward, as the partner begins to lie back facilitating the forward bend of the other person.
  • You may come up against some resistance when the stretch reaches your partner's hips and inner thighs - breathe through it together!
  • Allow the weight of your partner's body up against you to gently ease you down, opening further with each breath.
  • Slowly move back and forth, until you’ve each completed 5 complete stretches.

Lover's Straddle

Are you feelin’ hot and steamy yet? With this stretch, try exhaling as your partner inhales, and inhaling as your partner exhales. Feel the energy exchange that takes place, and the intimacy of simply looking your partner in the eye for several minutes. Phew!
  • Turn and face each other, in a wide-seated straddle.
  • Touch your feet against each other, and sit up with a long spine.
  • Reach out and hold hands.
  • Pull back, creating resistance, while engaging your core and maintaining a long spine.
  • Take 5-10 slow, deep belly breathes together.

Down Doggie

Is it just us, or is it gettin’ hot in here?! This pose is going to take a little practice and concentration … and if nothing else, you’ll laugh together about how horribly you’ve failed at it ;).
  • Have your partner do downward facing dog.
  • Stand in front of your partner's hands, facing away from your partner, facing forward.
  • Do a forward bend and place your hands just a foot in front of your partner's hands.
  • From there, place one foot and then the other on your partner's sacrum (lower back) and begin to straighten both legs so that you are in an L-shape (90 degree handstand).
  • Breathe together for a minute, or as long as you can hold the pose, and then switch!

Savasana Neck Rub

What better way to wrap up than with some savasana … with massage!? YES PLEASE.
  • One partner should lie down on their back, hug knees into chest, and release to savasana with feet mat-distance apart and arms relaxed to sides.
  • With your partner in savasana, kneel behind their head.
  • Put your hands on your partner's shoulders and lean into them lightly.
  • Breathe. Release and place your hands on both sides of your partner’s head, placing your thumbs along the sides of their spine.
  • Massage the neck.
  • Place your middle fingers to the ridge of your partner’s skull and lean back a bit to lengthen their spine.
  • Release and switch positions!

HEY! And don’t forget to tune in next week for 3 of our favorite Delicious Paleo Chocolatey Awesome Recipes!

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