5 Questions with REBEL Client Leah

5 Questions with REBEL Client Leah  | Blog by The REBEL Workout

We have another incredible REBEL Client to introduce you to -

Say hi to Leah!

Tell us a little about yourself Leah!

In short, I'm your typical Aries - optimistic, passionate and impulsive. By day, I work in IT Financial Analysis. By night, I'm an avid crafter, cat lady, and EDM lover. I moved to Denver 5 years ago from Wisconsin; living here has completely changed me, opened my heart and my mind, and taught me how to live fully and authentically. Clearly, I'm smitten with this place :).

I've been a REBEL now for over 9 months! I was on the hunt for a new gym last April, after finally realizing that I am most successful in my fitness routine when I've got others encouraging me and holding me accountable. There is no shortage of fitness institutions in Denver, but when I came across TRW's website and read the coach bios and class descriptions, I had a feeling TRW would be the perfect fit - and I was right! The vibe between the owners, coaches, and members is pure magic.

1. Favorite REBEL class?

Most definitely REBEL! I am pushed to my physical and mental limits during every REBEL class. I love the combination of a strength and cardio workout, achieved through utilizing your own bodyweight and a variety of equipment. Plus, each coach's REBEL class is different; the variability is what makes REBEL a staple in my weekly fitness routine.

2. Go-to pre- and post-workout snack?

What fuels me well before a workout is a small serving of quinoa and a hard-boiled egg. And I'll usually bring a Rise Bar with me to snack on on the way home (Cacao Banana flavor is the bomb!).

3. What results have you seen since becoming a REBEL?

The most noticeable impact has been to my energy level; more specifically, I don't experience slumps anymore, or swings between low energy and high energy. Also, my mindset has changed - I have become increasingly aware and mindful of making choices that positively affect my physical and mental well-being. Finally, I've noticed significant improvements in strength and ability. Oh, and my clothes are fitting a whole lot better!

4. Favorite way to sweat outside of the TRW?

I absolutely love hiking! I day-hike around the Front Range during all four seasons, but my most memorable hiking experience was my trip to Denali National Park in 2015, when I spent 5 days backcountry hiking/camping in the Alaska wilderness. It was paradise.

5. What’s the best part about being a REBEL?

From day one, when I walked in nervous about what to expect and unsure about whether I'd be able to keep up in the workout, I was cheered on and supported by everyone around me. It is an incredibly uplifting environment, and TRW gets you feeling that you can accomplish anything you set out to do!

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