Why You Should Eat Clean

Why You Should Eat Clean | Blog by The REBEL Workout

Clean eating is a ridiculously easy concept to follow. You literally cut the shit outta your diet - sugar, gluten, processed foods, etc - and you focus on eating, real, whole foods. The idea is to be more mindful of the food's pathway between its origin and your plate. You want to consume foods that are un- or minimally processed, refined, and handled, making them as close to their natural form as possible. Easy right? ;)

Some basic guidelines for clean eating:
  • If it has an ingredient you can’t pronounce, it’s not clean.
  • If it’s not something that you great great grandparent had access to, it’s not clean.
  • If it has added sugars, it’s not clean.
  • If it comes in a “throw in the microwave and enjoy” package, it’s not clean.
  • If you can imagine it growing out of the ground or being raised on a farm, it’s clean.
  • If it only has one ingredient (think broccoli, raw chicken, beans), it’s clean.
  • If it’s organic, it’s clean. It means it’s been grown or raised without pesticides, insecticides, chemical fertilizers, hormones, steroids, and/or chemical-laden feed.
Oh hey! If you have a sweet tooth, don’t worry! You can use real sweeteners - raw honey and maple syrup are great options. If it can go right from the hive or the tree to your mouth, it’s clean :).

Our Top 10 Reasons to Eat Clean

It Makes You Happier

Seriously. Research shows that regular consumption of health promoting nutrients - creatine, omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin D - can boost your mood and combat depression.

You’ll Become More Mindful

Clean eating means that you are making a conscious effort to consume REAL foods. It means you’re eating with a purpose, and you’ll actually enjoy food more once you’ve switched over to clean eating.

It Fights Inflammation

Inflammation has been linked to everything from stress and brain fog to diseases such as heart disease and cancer. Eating whole foods that are nutrient dense and don’t contain and preservatives, helps keep that inflammation at bay.

You Sleep Better

Studies have shown that people who eat clean consume more antioxidants, drink more water, and get a more restorative sleep. And, because you’re sleeping better, you are less likely to crave sugar filled foods!

It’s Immune Boosting

Clean eating = happy guts. The better your guts and internal organs are functioning, the less likely you are to get sick! It makes sense really - cut out the crap, keep your body healthy and running smoothly, and you won’t have to call in for a sick day.

You’ll Have More Energy

Fruit is just one of many clean foods that provide an instant dose of energy. High-fiber fruits, like apples, take longer to digest and can instantly boost you when you’ve hit that afternoon slump while providing critical vitamins for the evening ahead.

It Promotes Skin Health

Consuming whole foods protects your largest organ against free-radical damage which, in turn, prevents wrinkles and age spots! Studies have also shown that people who up their vitamin intake cut their chances of developing skin cancer by up to 23%! That’s huge!

You’ll Be Stronger

Clean eating incorporates lean proteins, which help to build lean muscle mass while boosting your metabolism. The nutrient rich and protein packed foods that you get from clean eating help to keep those muscles strong!

It Can Make You Smarter

A diet rich in fruits, veggies, fish and nuts will keep your mind sharper. When filled with sugar and unhealthy fats and carbs, our brains shut down and stop functioning at capacity. When feeding your brain nutrient rich foods, you’re increasing your memory strength by 24%!

You’ll Be Regular

Let’s talk about pooping for one second, and then pretend that we didn’t. When you feed your guts lots of fruit, veggies and probiotic rich foods, your digestive tract is happy and keeps things movin’ right along.

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