10 Questions with REBEL Trainer Michael

10 Questions with REBEL Trainer Michael | Blog by The REBEL Workout
We’re excited to introduce you to one of our newest REBEL Trainers! Michael joined us 4 months ago and he’s been KILLIN’ it ever since!

Michael grew up in Kansas as an extremely active and competitive lad, and he moved to LA after Graduating from Kansas University and getting his Trainer certification and education from Wellspring. Michael kicked off his career at Equinox West Hollywood, started his own private training business, joined Core and led rooftop Power Plate sessions, and was most recently was part of the launch of Speedplay LA - a similar REBEL style boutique studio with a Downtown street level location and another up high on a Beverly Hills Rooftop! PHEW. So why leave LA? It was important once him and his wife, Jen, had their daughter. They wanted to be closer to nature, family, and a different overall energy while maintaining a city lifestyle. Enter Denver! Michael grew up coming to Colorado often and had always loved the mountains, so when one of his Speedplay clients recommended his cousin Melissa's studio - one phone call later and they were here (thanks Cory!!)!

1. What does a day in your life look like?

My day involves lots of chasing, playing, and cuddling. A relatively recent revelation about having a 16 month old daughter is that the more fun I have and put into my every moment with her, the happier and more agreeable she becomes, which in turn makes me feel amazing! Somewhere in there we find time to cook, train at REBEL, discover the city, and grow our community.

2. Fav movement in the gym?

We just recently got some shiny new Concept 2 Rowers in and let me tell you, it's one of my favorite pieces of equipment. So light, so versatile, so safe for a variety of clients due to its low impact nature. You can burn so many calories, work your core without ever making a crunching motion, maintain a specific heart rate, all the while using full body strength.

3. Any secret talents?

I've played guitar in bands since I was in 6th grade - mostly Metal. I played at the iconic venues on Sunset Boulevard - the Whisky, the Rainbow, Viper Room, etc -  with my last band before moving to Denver. I’m also working towards a new project this spring, so stay tuned ;).

4. What makes you a REBEL outside of TRW?

Definitely not my large number of tattoos! And, to my knowledge, I may be the only trainer without one! Truly though, I would say I rebel by taking risks - to get on stage and perform, to lead my first class with 30 people in a small space with rain leaking in the roof, to have faith that big decisions will work out or make drastic changes when things don't … Those are all things that, in my mind, exemplify rebelling - especially against one's own fear and doubt.

5. Three words that describe how you approach your personal training/coaching?

What's your goal?

6. What’s your pre and post-workout go-to fuel?

Before class I don't mind a little iced americano for a boost; afterwards I'll go for an acai bowl with plenty of greens and protein.

7. Most rewarding part of being a trainer?

Seeing people change. Often it’s physical - like relieved knee pain, or better posture, or greater hip range - but nearly every client's biggest growth is mental and emotional confidence. This is one of the only fields where you get out of it what you put into it. If you work hard often and according to a plan, change is inevitable, anything becomes possible, and behavior changes for the better. Drink more water, get a reusable bottle, go to the gym, get stronger, feel better. All from simple effort and consistency, comes continual growth, and that's truly rewarding to witness.

8. It's getting cold out - if you could hop on a plane today, where would you vacation?

I'd love to stop by LA on my way to Thailand!

9. Do you have a personal mantra or message that you stand by?

Consistency, intensity, duration. How often, how hard, and how long (are your workouts)?

10. What is the best part about being a REBEL?

Having a really great crew like this is so fulfilling, as is being part of something special that's growing every day.

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