The Importance of Nourishing Your Soul

Nourish Your Soul | Blog by The REBEL Workout

One week ago today marked Day One of REBELS on the Ranch* - the health and wellness Retreat that Melissa co-hosted with some beautiful ladies, Sarah and Mary. Now that we’ve had a few days to reflect on the fabulous weekend, the incredible people we met, the memories that we made, and the lessons that we learned, we have one major takeaway - the importance of nourishing your soul.


With a new season quickly approaching, we tend to re-evaluate our lives - what we’ve completed in the past few months, the goals that we are still reaching for, and what’s going on in our personal lives. The summer tends to be busy, and while it can be easier to nourish your body - there’s an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables, it’s easier to be outside when the sun is shining, the Vitamin D shining down on us improves our moods, etc. - nourishing your soul tends to be overlooked … but it’s equally as important as nourishing your body.

So, here’s the deal:

Find Your Tribe, Love Them Hard

Connect with like-minded people and find your own community. People who encourage you, challenge you and love you.


Prioritize Your Relationships

Positive relationships and interactions lead to a healthy(ier) lifestyle, and they are the foundation for happiness. Remove the Negative Nancies and Debbie Downers, and spend more time with the Sunny Susans and Positive Paulas.


Set Aside Personal Time

Time to reset your mind and body, and concentrate on YOU. Turn off your cell phone, have some quiet time, or get outside and do a solo walk! Find what makes YOU happy, and do it!


Keep Learning

Challenging your mind and body will lead to great things! Whether it’s taking a new class, learning from a friend, attending a Retreat, or learning a new language - keep that brain active.


All of these things will help to nourish your soul - to keep your body happy, both inside and out.


* To find out more about our REBELS on the Ranch Retreat, check out our Facebook page, and find us on Instagram to see photos from our wonderful weekend! And, keep your eyes peeled, details on our next Retreat will be coming soon!

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