10 Questions with REBEL Trainer Gina Portolese

10 Questions with REBEL Trainer Gina Portolese | Blog by The REBEL Workout
Meet Gina!

This babe is from Mishawaka, Indiana. She began her instructing life while she was at Ball State University, where she studied photojournalism and campaign communications. She worked in the recreation office when they were looking for an instructor and she found a love in it, which is what brought her to Colorado! Lover of stand-up comedy, Marvel universe, and being out in nature. A firm believer of "don’t stop imagining because the day that you do is the day that you die.” She may be short and cute, but she will work your ASS in our REBEL and MOTOR(CYCLE) classes!


1.  What’s Your Most Embarrassing Childhood Memory?

Although it may have been in style - which it was not, nor ever will be - insert photo of me wearing a rainbow leash, overalls, and a bowl cut at Disneyland when I was around 3 years old.


2.  If You Could Ask Your Dog 3 Questions, What Would They Be?

Man, um, assuming my dog is very intelligent and knows what these questions mean: 1. Your species is constantly around humans, why can you not speak like we do yet? 2. What is your outlook on what life is? 3. Do you see me more as your pal or a mother?


3.  Who Would Play You In A Movie Of Your Life?

I think Aubrey Plaza would do me justice since we have the same(ish) attitude, plus I have been told we look somewhat similar.


4.  If You Could Choose Your Own Nickname, What Would It Be?

I used a random superhero name generator and I like the Purple Panther, so that would do. Or Carmen, I like that name too.


5.  Using One Word, How Would You Describe The REBEL Family?



6.  If You Could Travel Anywhere In The World, Where Would It Be?

Since Hogwarts doesn't really exist, except in my mind, I would probably have to say New Zealand. A lot of my favorite movies were filmed there. Plus, you can have Hobbit tours there and I would just hide during the tour and live in a Hobbit hole.


7.  One Thing That Might Surprise Us About You?

I am an amazing singer! ... When the music is turned up really high up and you can't really hear me. Just kidding, I do stand up comedy!


8.  Fav Song To Shake Yo’ Booty To?

I love the poetic nature of Get Low by Lil' Jon, but Immortal by Evanescence is a very close second.


9.  Any Secret Talents?

I can wiggle my ears, shake my eyes, and raise my eyebrows all at the same time.


10.  What Is The Best Part About Being A REBEL?

I would have to say the bonds that are built with coworkers and our community - nothing but love and support!