10 Things To Know Before Your First REBEL Workout Class

10 Things to know before your first REBEL Workout Class | Blog by The REBEL Workout

1.  You will SWEAT. Hard. And fast. We get down n’ dirty.


2.  You will be pushed harder than you thought possible. We will (safely) push you to the very edge of your comfort zone, and slowly bring you back to reality, just to prove that you can do it.  


3.  Injury that needs a modification? We’ll take care of you. Our classes cap at 12 people, so you will have some serious face time with your trainer - and not just because they’re in your face telling you to work harder.


4.  You will leave our class feeling like you can take on the world. We give you the confidence, technique, and knowhow to knock out a tough workout.


5.  We don’t judge! Embrace your journey. Tell us your story. Become a REBEL.


6.  You have no excuse to ‘take it easy’. We have change rooms, showers, and our favorite products for you to clean yourself up and return to work after a sweat sesh.


7.  Need a healthy snack pre or post workout? Some refreshing WTRMLN WTR? Forgot your pants at home? We’ve got you (and your bum) covered. Our in-studio retail store will feed you, hydrate you, and clothe you.


8.  Our equipment is top of the line, and we take care of what we care about (that means you too!).


9.  We don’t have enrollment or cancellation fees. While we are confident that you will love every class you attend, we know that life happens.


10.  You will become a part of our REBEL family - one that encourages you, pushes you, and doesn’t get mad at you for drinking too much the night before. We know the importance of laughter in both life, and in your workout. We want you to enjoy yourself, and we want you to return! Welcome to the REBEL tribe :).


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