Summer Lovin'

Summer love

Summer is here! We know our Push pals love to play as hard outdoors as they do indoors with us. More fun in the sun means taking extra care to keep a body hydrated, healthy and happy. Supporting all your summertime playtime with wholesome nutrient dense foods not only nourishes your insides to energize your summer activities, it nourishes your skin too!

Research shows that all of our healthy eating can also make our skin more resilient to sunburns. Avoiding pro-inflammatory foods like sugar, processed foods and indulging in healthy fats, clean protein and loads of fresh vegetables and fruits can help butter us up from the inside out. 

We need delicious sunshine to nurture Vitamin D production in the body and it is actually recommended to expose our skin WITHOUT sunscreen for at least 15 minutes a day, an easy target in our abundantly sunny state. Of course it is important to avoid burning, so perhaps the morning walk with the dog is sans sunblock but the midday mountain hike is thoroughly SPF'd. 

Take advantage of the farmer's markets for colorful fresh produce full of antioxidants like leafy greens, berries, sweet potatoes and seasonal favorites like watermelon. Seek out your healthy fats from wild caught fish full of omega 3's and coconut oil full of medium chain fatty acids that are easily absorbed by the body and help saturate and protect your skin. Don't forget, Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin and needs to keep company with the healthy fats in our diet in order for our bodies to optimally absorb and utilize it.

A recipe for sweet success in the produce department, we recommend a simple watermelon salad, this is one of Heidi's favorites for home or to take to a summer potluck. Fresh, delicious and sure to please! 

1 whole watermelon, scooped or sliced and cubed
Small handful fresh mint leaves
Dash of salt
Pinch of cayenne pepper

A couple gentle stirs and serve this simple, refreshing dish with just a wink of spicy kick!

Who's hungry?!


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