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REBEL Reboot starts January 14th. You in?!

A 6-week nutrition programs that's designed to help you kick it into high gear. Here are the deats you need to know... Read More

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Tips to Survive Holiday Eating

Endless parties, unhealthy food everywhere, and tons of festive time with our friends and families can be a fun way to end the year.  But we also know how stressful this time can be to our minds and bodies! While we’re big fans of taking helpful supplements and keeping up with our active lifestyle as much as possible, we know that doesn’t happen as much as we’d like between Thanksgiving and New Years Day. (AKA, RIGHT NOW!) Click here for some simple tips and tricks that you can apply to your everyday - including the holidays - to keep you healthy and on-track all the way into 2019. Read More

11:00 AM

Physical Health vs Mental Health: How are they related?

Physical Health & Mental Health are fundamentally linked in several ways. Studies have shown that physical health directly impacts your mental health and well-being, and what’s better than a healthy body, inside and out? Here are just some of the ways that physical exercise can benefit your mental health... Read More

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It's Time for Your Digital Detox!

We live in a world where technology is a major part of our everyday lives - we rely on phones to wake us up, tell us what our day looks like, give us directions, order food … literally, EVERYTHING. How often are you waiting in line for something and your default time killer is to check social media or quickly respond to an email?  Read More

5:23 PM

Staying Healthy this Cold & Flu Season

Fall is here, and with it are the colds and flus that knock us down. But have no fear! Here at REBEL, we have some tricks to make sure your immune system is in top condition and, if you do get a cold or flu, they’ll help you knock it out as quickly and comfortably as possible.  And, because we’re nice, we wanted to share them directly with you. Read More

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Meet REBEL Trainer Brooke Ariciniega

Meet Brooke!  As one of our resident yoga gurus, she keeps us motivated to follow our dreams, achieve big things, and kick some serious ass. Learn more about Brooke by clicking here... Read More

7:17 PM

What Should You Eat Before and After You Workout?

With the seasons changing and several new faces consistently coming to the gym, we’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about nutrition.  Specifically, people are wondering what they should be eating to fuel themselves before and after they workout. And we LOVE this question. Click here to check out our answer! Read More

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Meet REBEL Trainer Ben Prat

Meet Ben!  This former vino expert (and current in-house REBEL vino-expert) is one of our newest REBEL and REBEL Iron trainers. Being a former member, he's been a part of the REBEL fam for quite some time, but it was only when he decided that a lifestyle change was in order that he joined the REBEL trainer team. Click here to learn more about how Ben made a healthy lifestyle change and how he continues to help others do the same. Read More

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The REBEL Fall Challenge is here!

All of the details for our Fall Challenge can be found here. (Ended October 7.) Congrats, Ramya, for winning TWO MONTHS FREE! Read More

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The Science Behind REBEL L.I.T.

REBEL LIT (aka REBEL Low Impact Training) is a crazy cool, wildly unique class on our calendar. Focused on lower impact movements, such as strength training, pilates, and stabilizing muscle movements, this class is the perfect solution for anyone wanting to improve their form, interested in learning modifications, or for those wanting to avoid future injury. This class will keep your entire skeletal system - muscles, bones, joints - in good working condition so that you can keep up your fitness mojo for the long run. Click here to learn all about it! Read More