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Studio Liability Release

I do hereby consent and agree to participate in The REBEL Workout personal training/group fitness program, that may include weight training, cardio-vascular activities, stretching and flexibility exercises. I hereby waive any and all responsibility The REBEL Workout, its owners and independent contractors from any claims, damages or demands. I release any responsibility of liability from The REBEL Workout from any injury I may incur as a result of participating in activities associated at The REBEL Workout.

I am aware that physical exercise can be associated with certain risks and chance for injury or abnormal bodily response. I am aware of these risks and that participation may involve physical harm to me. I recognize that it is my responsibility to obtain any medical release if necessary, prior to beginning an exercise program. If I have chosen not to have an exam by a medical provider prior to beginning a program at Push Fitness, I acknowledge that I am doing this under my own risk. I do assume all risks for my actions during my participation in any The REBEL Workout exercise routines.

If for any reason, The REBEL Workout obtains any private health information (PHI), such information will be treated as privileged and confidential and will only be shared or released with anyone other than persons identified by myself with written consent.

I have read the above statements and understand the consent to participate in an exercise program at Push Fitness, and that I may discontinue participation at any time. If I have questions or concerns with my participation or policies, I may discuss these with the The REBEL Workout staff at any time.

This waiver is in effect for all subsequent visits that I make to this facility or associated with The REBEL Workout.

I understand that all dietary recommendations made are only recommendations made from our staff and not represented as professional nutritionists.

By signing this waiver and consent, it is assumed that I have fully read the document and understand its contents and agree to abide by the contents.