The Science Behind Bike + Barre


If you’re new to this series, we’re in the middle of discussing the science behind each of our most popular classes. Whether you’re new to the REBEL scene or a tried-and-true regular, this series will help you to understand the goals and scientific principles behind each type of class so that you can make sure that you’re fitting the classes that are best for you into your busy schedule.


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But, without much further ado, let’s jump into the class we’re highlighting this month… The Science Behind Bike + Barre.


What is Bike + Barre?

Our signature Bike + Barre class is built around two very specific styles of exercise - indoor cycling and barre, which is a ballet-inspired workout that combines dance-style conditioning movements with rehabilitative therapy.


With a focus on dynamic cardio, this class is designed to be fast-paced and HIIT-style, but without the larger, compound exercises that you might be familiar with from other classes (aka, no shoulder presses or heavy back squats).


This class works your full body, with exercises included that specifically target your seat, legs, arms, and abs.  However, in most classes you will find that there is a bit more of a focus on lower-body strength due to the fact that your feet are pedaling your indoor bike for at least half the class.


Why should you consider trying Bike + Barre?

Because it’s silly to skip it, for one.  But in all seriousness...


There are several benefits to both indoor cycling and barre classes independently, but we believe that they’re even stronger when combined.  These exercises target multiple muscle groups at once, consistently engage your core, help you to develop a balanced physique, and help you to build a stronger mind-body connection.


Let’s dive into each of these benefits specifically…


Works Multiple Muscle Groups at Once

Interestingly, while almost all of the exercises included in this class focus on one muscle group at a time, you’ll actually be completing two-to-four movements at a time, almost subconsciously.  For example, you might be holding a movement that targets building thigh strength, while also tucking your booty and working your calves due to your heels being raised. Thus, your body is raising your heart rate, while also strengthening multiple muscle groups at once, allowing for very efficient use of your workout time.


Consistently Engages Your Core

Whether in the middle of a sprint on your bike, or working your booty in the barre portion of class, you core will remain tight and continue working throughout the entire 55-minutes of Bike + Barre class. As we’ve discussed in previous posts, working your core is a primary focus of functional training, as it stabilizes your spine, improves your posture, and prepares you for functional movement in any direction.  Thus, the functional movements included in this class will strengthen you and better prepare you for everyday life through increased core strength.


Helps You to Develop a Balanced Physique

All of our classes are expertly crafted to focus on muscle balance, meaning that we work both the left and your right sides of your body an equal amount.  However, we know that several clients come to us with previous muscle imbalances due to working one side more than the other, or their front or back muscles more than the other.  With both cycling and barre exercises being both low impact and full body, Bike + Barre class is an ideal class to focus on if your goal is to correct muscle imbalances or prevent pain or injury from uneven muscle strength.


Builds a Stronger Mind-Body Connection

Because all of the exercises in Bike + Barre class focus on highlighting small nuances and incremental movements to target very specific muscle groups, increased muscle-movement awareness becomes incredibly important.  Thus, this class will strengthen your neuromuscular connection (i.e. mind-body connection) because your mind will be focused on proper body position, including which muscles you’re targeting, joint positioning, and proper muscle contraction.


In coming weeks, we’ll continue to dive into our specific workout classes to share why they’re an important piece of our schedule.  Specific to Bike + Barre, don’t hesitate to ask our trainers if this class might be right for you. And remember that you can always email us at, too!


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