The Science Behind MOTOR(Cycle)

motor cycle

While Functional Training is the core of what we do here in our beautiful home gym, most REBELs know that we offer several classes specific to various exercises.  Jumping into these classes allows your workout routine to include more variety and focuses on specific muscles in a more targeted way.


Most of these classes do offer an element of full body training, and most are based on the idea that functional training is the answer - so what makes these classes feel so different than one another and why are they all taking up important space on our REBEL calendar?


The answer is… Not only do we fully believe in each of these classes and know that they are an important piece of our students’ workout regimens, but each class is individually built on a scientific system that builds your mobility and stability - the two areas we try to focus on every day here at REBEL.


So let’s dive into one of these individual classes to highlight why they should fit into a spot on your calendar, too.


To start off with, let’s discuss one of our O.G. classes here at REBEL… MOTOR(Cycle).


What is MOTOR(Cycle) all about?

MOTOR(Cycle) is a class that is built on the same premise as our core REBEL classes.  It’s a class that is a mash up of cycling, strength training, and conditioning drills, thus maintaining the interval training that many of our REBELs are used to, but using our in-house spin bikes as one of our primary HIIT cardio intervals throughout the session.


Why should you consider trying MOTOR(Cycle)?

This class is pure, unadulterated amazingness… that’s why.


The elements included within each class vary everyday - ranging from resistance bands, to kettle bells, to hand weights - all while always including our bikes as one of our intervals.  The way that these classes are structured has been scientifically proven to burn massive calories, increase your metabolic rate for the entire day (not just during class), improve posture and strength, give you a healthy heart, and all in a way that is low impact.


Let’s dive into each of these effects...


Burns a ton of calories

Similar to many of our REBEL classes, MOTOR(Cycle) is designed in a HIIT or tabata-style format.  Within these intervals, your body is forced to consume a lot of energy while also increasing your heart and lung capacity over the long run.  This means that your body is constantly burning calories throughout the whole class - no breaks allowed!


Increases your metabolic rate

While there are several things you can do to increase your metabolic rate, one that really tends to stand out is to complete a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout that’s focused on cardio.  Even more, HIIT training actually helps your body to maintain its higher metabolic rate throughout the whole day - even after your workout is completed! This is because your body is consuming more oxygen during your workout and the cells in your body are needing to work extra hard to burn energy efficiently.  Increasing your metabolism one badass workout at a time - count us in!


Improve posture and strength

In our post on the science behind functional training, we highlighted how strengthening your core and posture is key to having a functionally strong body.  And MOTOR(Cycle) does just that! Our instructors make sure that you’re using our equipment with a properly aligned posture, and this includes while you’re on our spinning bikes.  This posture ensures that you are directly engaging all of your core muscles, and thus strengthening the muscles that are most important to living a fit, healthy lifestyle.


Gives you a healthy heart

MOTOR(Cycle) is designed to keep your heart rate well above normal levels throughout the entire workout.  This means that, for the entire time you’re in our class, you’re exerting and increasing lung capacity, while strengthening your heart, and increasing blood circulation - which also decreases the amount of work your heart needs to do, too.


Low impact

While we try to keep most of our workouts fairly low impact, the cycling portion of MOTOR(Cycle) is the prime example.  Cycling is extremely low impact on joints and ligaments, while still providing a outlet for you to gain muscle strength and endurance.  This is great news for anyone considering adding cycling to their workout, but especially those recovering from injuries or those just getting back into working out.


In coming weeks, we’ll continue to dive into our specific workout classes to share why they’re an important piece of our schedule.  Specific to MOTOR(Cycle), don’t hesitate to ask our trainers if this class might be right for you. And remember that you can always email us at, too!


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