5 Helpful Hacks to Become Your Fittest, Greenest Self

Being in Denver, we’re incredibly aware of the impact that we have on our beautiful Mother Earth.  We go hiking and leave nothing but footprints, we relish our time skiing or boarding in the mountains, and we always make some time to get outside on a sunny day.

Living with nature surrounding our city on all sides, we at The REBEL Workout are constantly looking for ways that we can improve our world, especially if we’re able to improve our own minds, bodies, and spirits, too.

And it turns out that there are a multitude of ways that we can positively impact our world while we’re getting our sweat on!  If you’re looking for a few suggestions, then here are our top tips so that we can make this world even better for future REBELs to come.

5 Hacks to Be Your Fittest, Greenest Self

Use a BPA-Free Plastic, Metal, or Glass Water Bottle

We’re not lying to ourselves - a lot of us are guilty of forgetting to pack a reusable water bottle.  We’re running late to get to the gym and finally remember that we were going to bring our reusable bottle when we’re already on the road and decide that we’re too far to turn back.

But the truth is that our small bit of forgetfulness may lead to a plastic water bottle that takes literally decades to degrade in a landfill.

Planning ahead and bringing your reusable water bottle with you to the studio will both help to save the environment and be saving you cash-flow.  Now there’s no reason to say no!

Repurpose Clothing and Make it Into Fitness Gear

Lately, we’ve become big fans of re-purposing those old t-shirts that we used to love and turning them into our new favorite fitness gear!

There are a variety of ways that you can make tees into tanks, based on your style preference and level of craftiness.  Two ways that we’re loving right now are both highlighted in this incredibly user friendly how-to video.

Looking forward to see you guys all working out in the studio in your newly re-fashioned gear!

Eat Local

Most of us know that eating local is typically better for us health-wise.  More natural and fresh ingredients, less time in transport, and eating seasonally means that there is less need for pesticides.  Plus, don’t get us started on how much better the flavors are with local, seasonal produce.  YUM!

But what might not cross your mind is just how much healthier eating local is for the environment, too!

Less time in transport means less emissions from trucks into the environment, reducing your impact on global warming.  Plus, you’re helping the local economy by making sure that the farmers receive a larger percentage of your dollars spent and encouraging the use of local farmland for farming, thus keeping development in check.  Wins all around!

Keep Track Digitally

We are all about keeping track of your workouts to help build your strength, endurance, and self discipline.  Plus, seeing your progress over time is empowering… and kinda fun to see. *wink wink*

But we’re all about keeping those records digitally instead of with our old, reliable pen and paper.

If you’re new to keeping track of your records digitally, we highly recommend checking out our app (“TheREBELWorkout” on your iPhone with no spaces) where you can track all of your favorite classes in one spot.

But for those of you that are committed to pen and paper, then consider buying a recycled notebook.  There are several brands that offer 100% post-consumer-waste recycled paper.  And if it’s processed without chlorine and is printed with soy ink, you get bonus points - that means it can be recycled again!

Recycle Your Yoga Mat

When your yoga mat has received a little bit too much wear and tear, don’t just stack that thing in the corner or toss it in the garbage.  Instead… recycle it!

Most yoga mats are made of natural rubber, plastic, PVC, or latex, which are recyclable if you recycle them in the right way.  Even back in 2008, 80% of mats could be recycled or reused!

If you don’t know what to do with your mat, consider contacting an animal shelter for them to use in their kennels or a nearby retirement or community center, which can use mats if people don’t have one or forget to bring one to class.

If you’re feeling attached to your mat and want to keep it nearby, then Gaiam has a list of 50 ways you can reuse your yoga mat.

No matter which method you choose, you’ll be keeping your yoga mat from deteriorating in a landfill and will be helping the environment one mat at a time.

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