5 Qs with REBEL Client Kelsey


We have some unreal, rockstar females in our REBEL family.  Keep reading to learn more about one of them - KELSEY, our REBEL Client Spotlight this month!

Give us a quick bio about yourself, Kelsey...

For the last two years I have spent my days as the operations manager for a Technical Staffing company. I have been jumping around Colorado for nine years and Denver has been home for the last four years. My company is located in a creative work space, Battery 621, with several outdoor lifestyle companies, digital marketing agencies, and a ton of really talented people I feel extremely grateful to be able to collaborate with on a daily basis.

My REBEL journey: As a downhill skier through college, the only thing I ever knew was organized workouts with my team and our coach. When I first moved to Denver, I had no idea where to begin looking for a solid workout community. I attempted to join "just another gym" and do things on my own for a bit. I will be honest, I failed miserably at that. I lost motivation and I gained frustration with my body and my past injuries. My sister, Caitlyn, had joined REBEL the year prior and her high praises were enough to convince me to do a trial month. And that was that. I have happily been a REBEL for nearly two years!

What does a typical day in your life look like?

I wake up around 7AM every day, (except for Tuesdays when I kick myself out of bed for REBEL IRON, which is super kick ass). I am not much of a morning person, however, and not fully human until well past 8AM after breakfast and probably two cups of coffee. I  spend a majority of my day behind a desk managing clients as well as our internal staff.  I always make sure to take several breaks throughout my day to spend time with the 15 or so furry office mates we have roaming around, or spend some time in the fabrication workshop downstairs learning some new skill (they even occasionally let me play with power tools).  My sister happens to work in the same building as me, so I often visit with her and catch up (it sometimes is the only time we see each other). I am definitely more of the late afternoon/evening REBEL, so I usually head straight to the gym from the office. I definitely do not cook, and I am usually beat by the end of the day, but we started ordering meals from Freshly, which are surprisingly delicious and easy.  I tend to spend evenings either with friends, or simply unwinding from the day. On the weekends, I've been going to both Saturday and Sunday REBEL classes when I'm in town. I also love trying new places for brunch, and recently found out I might actually like hiking 14'ers!


What’s your go-to pre- and post-workout snack?

You won’t be super thrilled with me on this but I don’t usually eat before the gym. I do have a mid-day snack around 3PM that usually contains an apple or peach or two hard boiled eggs. After the gym in the evenings I just eat dinner, which is usually a protein and lots of veggies.

What results have you seen since becoming a REBEL?

I have definitely seen way more strength and confidence in each exercise. With my past injuries, I always need some sort of modification, but even so, my body has the ability to do so many things I really thought I would never be able to do again. The shape I am in now is very different than when I was skiing competitively, but in some ways I feel even stronger.  I just hiked my first 14er recently and I felt like I could just keep going – my legs took me way farther than I know they could have two years ago.

What’s your favorite way to sweat outside of TRW?

Maybe ask me after my second 14er in a couple of weeks, but I forgot how much I loved being out of the city wandering around the mountains or helping out on my best friend's ranch. I am making a conscious effort to get outside more and not just sweat inside. In the summers I enjoy playing park volleyball when I can. Also, does laying out at our rooftop pool count?

What’s the best part about being a REBEL?

So many of us always say it but it really is all of the trainers. You guys work just as hard as we do and the understanding each of you have with not only just my injuries but anyone else’s is super comforting. The level of enthusiasm makes it easy to push myself farther in each workout.

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