5 Questions with REBEL Client Olivia

5 Questions with REBEL Client Olivia | Blog by The REBEL Workout

Oh hayyyyy REBELS! Are you ready to meet another bombdiggity REBEL client? This mega talented babe is Olivia!

Break it down for us, Olivia - who are you, whaddya do, and how long have you been a REBEL?

Hi REBEL fam! My name is Olivia Abtahi – I'm a filmmaker here in Denver and I found The REBEL Workout through Classpass. When I'm not traveling for work, I love to go to the cinema, read, or putter around our tiny garden.

1. What does a typical day in your life look like?

Every day is wildly different. Two weeks ago - Tuesday I was on an 18 hour shoot, Wednesday I spent in the air, and Thursday I worked from my home office most of the day. When things are crazy I try to take days off when I can, and when things get back to normal I'll try to go to a noon REBEL class, take in a matinee, or work from a coffee shop to unwind and decompress.

2. Go-to pre- and post-workout snack?

Pretty much every REBEL workout makes me want to spew at some point (that's good, right? right??) so I try not to eat a full hour before working out. My favorite post-workout snack is a tin of anchovies, eaten over the kitchen sink, because I'm disgusting.

3. What results have you seen since becoming a REBEL?

I can definitely last longer on shoots. Running around holding heavy gear is the ultimate endurance workout, and while I get tired, it's much more manageable now. I also don't get sick as often, which is a serious plus.

4. Favorite way to sweat outside of TRW?

ZUMBA! I found REBEL when my favorite Zumba studio closed, but I still really miss it. Every time I hear a Pitbull song it's hard for me not to stop what I'm doing and bust out some arm circles.

5. What's the best thing about being a REBEL?

Apart from the awesome workouts and wonderful community, my fave part about being a REBEL is seeing Melissa grow her company. Being a business owner is no joke. Every time REBEL has a new promotion, class, workshop, etc. I'm always taking notes in the back of my head to see how Melissa and the team pulls it off. She's definitely an inspiration to me and my business, and it's been amazing to see REBEL grow.

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