Michael's Instagram Takeover

Did you see Michael's Instagram Takeover on Tuesday?

If not, you're missing out! But ... lucky for you, we're throwing down a recap for you riiiiiiiiight here. 

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Michael's Instagram Takeover | Blog by The REBEL Workout

9AM : Hey, I’m @michaelrbales and I joined The REBEL Workout on my birthday: September 16, 2016 - exactly one month after moving from Los Angeles. I've got a penchant for nature, spectacle, and grounded community, so my wife and I decided to move with our (now 20 month old) daughter from SoCal to the Rockies and have loved it here ever since!

Michael's Instagram Takeover | Blog by The REBEL Workout

10AM : I usually start the day, much like a hobbit, with more than one breakfast. First breakfast is simple: granola and homemade nut milk, tea to go. After training, second breakfast is usually a savory breakfast burrito if I'm lucky: eggs, potato, avocado, sauteed veggies! Third breakfast is usually a smoothie: sunwarrior protein powder, nut butter, cacao powder, banana, blueberries, acai, greens powder, and hemp seeds to keep me fueled for the rest of the day.

Michael's Instagram Takeover | Blog by The REBEL Workout

12PM : My recent workout routine has involved taking REBEL classes, weekend hikes with Nova in tow, and splitting my routine between push, pull, and legs as I work to gain weight … tough task to eat 3,500 calories a day, I know ;).
PS: Yeah ... this is obviously a throwback photo given that Denver is covered in a layer of SNOW right now!

3PM : Love giving my classes carefully curated playlists that make them smile!

Michael's Instagram Takeover | Blog by The REBEL Workout
5PM :
Dinner deviates dependent upon work schedule - if I'm home, I'll cook something from scratch … like my infamous “cheat meal” - a homemade bison burger, with sautéed onions and green chile, arugula, Sriracha ketchup, and pepper jack on brioche with an Odell IPA. Follow that up with snuggles and bath time with Nova, and that makes for a happy Tuesday!

Michael's Instagram Takeover | Blog by The REBEL Workout

6PM : I like to unwind with something creative: a film, book, writing riffs, working on a playlist, foam rolling, stretching, or mobility work. Thanks for following along on my insta takeover - I hope to see you on my personal account @michaelrbales!

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