We LOVE Boobies!

We LOVE Boobies! | Blog by The REBEL Workout

Thank you guys SO MUCH for all of your contributions towards October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month! In total, we raised $300!!! All of these funds are going to benefit the Keep A Breast Foundation, and we can’t wait to tell them that it’s from all of our awesome REBELS :).


While we have you here, we figured we’d take the opportunity to talk Breast Cancer for a moment. Did you know that:

  • Besides skin cancers, breast cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed among American women. It accounts for nearly 1 in 3 cases of cancers.
  • Today, about 1 in 8 women will get breast cancer in their lifetime.
  • A woman in the United States is diagnosed with breast cancer every three minutes.
  • The chance that a breast cancer patient will be alive five years after diagnosis is lower in women under 40. Statistics indicate that tumors diagnosed in younger women may be more aggressive and less responsive to treatment, making early detection key.

Early detection is where it’s at. It’s not a topic often talked about, but that’s what REBELS do, right? We break barriers and talk about taboo topics. So, let’s break down how to check yo’self and those glorious boobies:


Learn How To Check Yourself

By giving your breasts daily massages and establishing a monthly self-check routine will help you know them and know when something isn’t right. Remember having boobies is normal and so is feeling them up!


Mirror Mirror

Look in the mirror and see what you’ve got going on. Put your hands over your head and then on your hips. boob and side boob are created equal, so be sure to include both.


Mini Massage

Next, keep looking in the mirror and put one hand behind your head. Now place three fingers to your breast and check for anything that strikes you as weird or not your “normal.”


Up and Down

Move your three fingers in small circles with different levels of pressure. Choose easy, medium and then hard while walking your fingers to the next area, instead of lifting them off your boobies.


Your Pits

Cover your entire breast up and down and into the armpit area, finishing inside your armpit. Leave no breast area unchecked! Side boobs are boobies too. Spend extra time in your pits where your lymphatic system lives and where many breast cancers develop – they may need extra circle massage love.



Lastly, squeeze each nipple. If there is any discharge or pain, see a doctor right away.


All of this information is pulled right from Keep A Breast’s Website and we encourage you to check it out to find out more about Breast Cancer!


Thanks again for making us proud :). THE REBEL WORKOUT LOVES BOOBIES!

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