5 Steps to a Halloween Detox

5 Steps to Your Halloween Detox | Blog by The REBEL Workout

We get it, it’s easy to overindulge. And hey, we don’t judge. I bet all that sugar is making you crash though, right? Maybe you’re feeling sluggish? Have low energy? Well, there is light at the end of the tunnel. We’re here to help get you back on track and get that sugar-filled nightmare out of your system.

Alright, first thing’s first.



For real. Donate it, give it to the kid next door, throw it out. Do whatever you need to do to get it outta sight, and outta mind. Now, onwards and upwards …



All of the extra sugar is taking a toll on your body. You have to flush out the nastiness and replenish the lost hydration. We talk about the importance of hydration on the regular, so you get how important it is, and this is no exception. Slam back some water like you were slamming back shots last weekend. 


Amp Up Your Protein

Your blood sugar is all over the damn map right now. You have to stabilize it ASAP! Those highs and lows are wreaking havoc on your body and your mood. Eating more protein will help to get your blood sugars in order, and it’ll help to improve your mood by giving your body the amino acids that it needs to rebuild. 


Eat Healthy Fats

Key word here is HEALTHY. Get some avocado, coconut oil, and grassfed butter in you. Healthy fats will help to stabilize your blood sugars as well. As an added bonus, they’ll also make you feel satisfied longer, meaning you won’t be tempted by that bite size KitKat. 


Break The Addiction

You ate too many sweets, and now your body is only craving sweet. We gotta stop that craving, and get you back on the healthy eating train. Toot toot! Comin’ through! It’s going to take FIVE days for your body to stop craving sugar. So, just eliminate it entirely. Five days with no sugar is no big deal. Every time you crave it, reach for fresh fruit, veg, and nutrient packed snacks like turkey jerky and nuts. 


Move Your Body

We have to get your metabolism back up to speed. All you have to do - SWEAT IT OUT. Move your body every day. We have classes all day, every day, so check out our schedule and hit up a class ASAP.


This detox isn’t Halloween specific! Halloween leads into Thanksgiving, and then it’s the December holiday season, and then we’ve hit New Years, and all of these holidays can lead to overindulgence. Make sure to refer back when you’re feelin’ like you need to reset!

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