5 Questions with REBEL Clients April + Frank

5 Questions with REBEL Clients April + Frank | Blog by The REBEL Workout
Meet April + Frank!

They met at a local MMA gym over 3 years ago, they fell in love, and they were just married in June! Did you see our Instagram pic of them? They are GORGEOUS! Frank and April are the proud parents of three (!) rescue dogs, and they love to hike, camp, eat fancy dinners, and Netflix and chill. April is an extremely talented hairstylist, and Frank is an incredible photographer and videographer for Kroger. April has been a REBEL for well over a year, after hearing great things about it from Mary and Melissa. After joining, she told Frank how great it was, how the class schedule worked well with his work schedule, and how close it was to home! Frank joined The REBEL Workout shortly afterwards, and he’s just hit his one year REBEL anniversary! (Congrats!!)

1. One thing you’ve learned about yourselves since becoming a REBEL?
April: I've learned that a multidisciplinary approach to fitness is fun!
Frank: I've learned that a strong booty makes for a safe lower back, and I'm getting there!

2. Three words you’d use to describe yourselves?
[A] Colorful. Social. Goal-Oriented.
[F] Sarcastic. Silly. Motivated.

3. What’s one food you will never eat?
[A] Fast food.
[F] Pig.

4. What would be the name of your autobiography?

5. What’s the best part about being a REBEL?
[A+F] The community! ... and the brutal workouts.