5 Questions with REBEL Client Stephanie

5 Questions with REBEL Client Stephanie | Blog by The REBEL Workout
^ Stephanie and her inspiration and bestie, Jen! ^


We Have Another AWESOME Client To Introduce You To: Meet Stephanie!

A quick bio about you: what you do for a living, what inspired you to join The REBEL Workout, how long you’ve been a REBEL.

I’m a Residential Mortgage loan officer, so my days are busy helping people buy and refinance their homes. My best friend, Jen, was the one who inspired me to get back to the gym. Her and I spend our early mornings training with Melissa Levy, and it gets my day off to a great start! #melissasgirls


1.  One Thing You’ve Learned About Yourself Since Becoming a REBEL?

I’ve learned to expect more out of myself. That pushing, even a little bit harder, is good for my body and my soul.


2.  Motto That Keeps You Motivated?

WWJD? What would Jen do?


3.  Fav Pre-workout Snack?

Thanks to Melissa, I'm now fully addicted to bullet coffee.


4.  Fitness Goal That You’re Most Proud Of?

Balancing on a BOSU ball!  Oh wait... :/


5.  Best Part About Being a REBEL?

The community. No matter the day, time or class, I belong.