Seaweed is the New Kale

Seaweed is the new kale | Blog by The REBEL Workout

Sorry kale lovers, it’s time to make room in your life for seaweed!


While not exactly new, seaweed is finally gaining the popularity it deserves. As the new ‘it’ superfood, seaweed has big shoes to fill, and it’s up for the challenge! Packing a ton of nutrients, combined with superfood benefits, while being light on calories, this trendy veggie is ready to knock your socks off.


You know why greens are healthy right? The phytonutrients found in leafy greens are essential in supporting a healthy body - they contain antioxidants, they’re anti-inflammatory, and they support liver health.


But what are these nutrients you speak of?


Vitamins A, C, the B’s, plus calcium, magnesium, iron, folate, fiber, amino acids and good fats. YEAH. Seaweed packs all of that in one delicious little ‘leaf’. It’s also a good source of iodine - which most of us are deficient in. Our bodies don’t naturally produce iodine; however, it’s essential in the production of our thyroid hormones.


OH. And for our beautiful women out there - studies have shown that seaweed can be helpful in regulating estrogen, which can help mitigate PMS symptoms and possibly reduce breast cancer risk!!


Wanna know our favorite thing about seaweed? IT’S SUPER SUSTAINABLE. It’s relatively easy to ‘farm’, requiring no real human assistance. Are you ready for this? This is a crazy fact - some types of seaweed grow 5 - 10 inches A DAY. And you know what seaweed consumes to be able to reach those growth goals? NATURAL RESOURCES. Seriously.


So, it’s full of nutrients, it can help reduce PMS symptoms, it’s totally sustainable, IT CLEANS THE SURROUNDING WATER AS IT GROWS, and it’s delicious?!


Why aren’t you eating it? Like, now?!