Our Favorite Dog-Friendly Patios: DENVER Edition

Our Favorite Dog-Friendly Patios : DENVER Edition | Blog by The REBEL Workout

You know what’s better than casual bevvies on a patio?

Casual bevvies on a patio WITH YOUR DOG.

If you’re as obsessed with your pup as we are ours, you’re going to love this post. Let us present to you … Our favorite dog-friendly patios in Denver!

A bit of background info first: about two years ago, the city passed an ordinance allowing restaurant owners to turn portions of their patios into dog friendly areas (with restrictions, of course). Fortunately for us, a ton of restaurant owners pounced on this opportunity and we can now legally have brews with our fur-bros.

In no particular order, here are our top 10 pup-permitted patios:

City O' City
Located in Capitol Hill, this chill restaurant and bar offers up vegetarian grub from dusk till dawn (ok, not technically sunrise to sunset, but early to late). They have a full bar, food and drinks are available all day, and fur friends are permitted on the patio.

The Matchbox
Located in the River North Art District, this neighborhood bar has an awesome back patio, cheap beers, and dogs are granted free range inside the bar and on the front patio.

Forest Room 5
Have you checked this place out yet? It’s kind of incredible. The patio is designed to feel like you’re sitting at a campfire in the mountains. YEAH, ‘fur’ real. Bring your pooch next time you’re jonesin’ for the mountains.

Denver Beer Co.
Your furry friend gets free range here! Both the beer garden and the inside bar are pup-permitted, just make sure to keep them on their best behavior. Grab a local, award winning brew and enjoy the social space!

Subculture LOVES your four-legged friends. They have beers, cocktails, and sub sandwiches that’ll blow your mind. Bring your BFF next time you’re in Capitol Hill, and share a sub on their gigantic patio. And, obviously, take a picture. A dog eating a sub?! Come on!

Govnr’s Park Tavern
Another gem in Capitol Hill, this sports bar provides buckets of water to hydrate your pooch, as long as they are secured outside the patio. Don’t worry, they are still in your line of sight, but from outside the patio they get lots of stranger lovin’.

Rooster & Moon Pub
Located in the heart of Denver’s Golden Triangle Neighborhood, Rooster & Moon is super mellow and mega dog friendly. Keep your fur-friend next to you on the patio, where they can enjoy the sun and provided water bowls. They offer a full breakfast and lunch menu, as well as a full bar.

The Tavern Uptown
This cool tavern is housed in a historic century-old building, where Fido can join you on their large outdoor patio. Great food, stellar happy hour, and a full bar are available.

Prost Brewing
In the mood for German craft beers and pretzels? Then head to the Highlands with your pup in tow! They have a dog friendly patio, and while the only food on the menu is pretzels, there are often some of Denver’s best food trucks a short walk away.

This American / Mexican restaurant in Cherry Creek has dedicated a small patio to folks with pups. It’s small, intimate, and shady, so be prepared to make new friends while drinking your Bacon Bloody Mary!

Boulderites - you didn’t think we left you out did you?! Keep your eyes out for Our Favorite Dog-Friendly Patios : BOULDER Edition, coming soon!