5 Questions with REBEL Clients Alex + Travis

5 Questions with REBEL Clients Alex + Travis  | Blog by The REBEL Workout

We have another round of Meet Our REBEL Clients! This month, we’d like to introduce you to TWO amazing people - Alex and Travis!

Alex hails from the Great State of Texas and Travis hails from the Grand Canyon State of Arizona. They met in Texas - through mutual friends - and after a year of dating, they were married in Colorado! A new job brought them here, and we obviously welcomed them with open arms :). Travis grew up playing baseball, and Alex has always been athletic and health conscious, so they both knew working out needed to be implemented in their daily lives. A friend introduced them to The REBEL Workout and they’ve never looked back (we are so grateful for that!) . They've been REBELS for 3 years now, and they wouldn’t change a thing!

1.  Favorite trainer(s) and favorite class?

Alex: I love both Heidi and Melissa! And my favorite classes are REBEL and MOTOR(BOX).

Travis: Heidi and Melissa are my favorite trainers, and hands down, REBEL is my favorite class … Although I love to hit something every once and awhile, HA! Each REBELl class is a different challenge, it’s never the same class twice. Until joining REBEL, I had always worked out by myself. When you go to the gym solo, it's very easy to put in a lackluster workout - maybe check your phone, and go home. There is no such thing at REBEL - they keep me motivated, and I waste a lot less time than at the gym.

2.  Favorite summer activity? { outside of the REBEL workout, of course ;) }

{A}  Hiking, camping, and checking out local farmers markets.

{T}  Anything outdoors! I spend far too much time in front of a computer during the day. I really enjoy hiking with Alex and our dogs, camping, and I just recently got into fly fishing. I spent a lot of time outdoors growing up, and it's important for my sanity to get out every once and awhile.

3.  What results have you seen since becoming a REBEL?

{A}  I feel stronger and more secure. I've never been super lean and I have curves, so learning about what parts of my body changes quicker or loses quicker has been a learning experience. I've also never worked out to really lose weight (although it is nice), it's always been more of a mind set for me - because I know I've worked out, I feel strong and confident. Eating healthy is important too, and even though I do indulge often I don't feel as guilty because I know I'm healthy as long as I keep disciplined in both my workouts and eating habits. Being a part of REBEL keeps me aware of my health on a daily basis and that's incredibly important for me now, and in the long run.

{T}  I’m a lot more tired, HA! I can feel myself getting stronger - I’m able to push myself a little harder every class. An added benefit is that we eat better. It's really easy to eat terribly when you aren’t working out.

4.  One thing that keeps you motivated?

{A}  Well, my partner in crime keeps me motivated, Travis. Although I'm usually the one pushing him outta bed for an early morning workout, on the rare days I'm not feeling a work out, he's pushing me. We have a balance as partners. Also, my body keeps me motivated. I try not to compare myself to others because we're all different body types. But I know MY body best and what's good for it. It's a scary thing getting older and we have to keep ourselves healthy for the long haul. Bones get creaky, skin gets saggy, etc. GOTTA KEEP THAT SHIT TIGHT ;).

{T}  My wife, Alex. She keeps me motivated, especially at 6am when all I want to do is to roll over and go back to sleep. I’m not a morning person at all, but she keeps me in-check and makes me get out of bed … sometimes with a little bribery of baked goods :).

5.  What's the best part about being a REBEL?

{A}  The community and family I have at REBEL. Seriously, I haven't had a work out family like this before (here come the tears :) ). We are so grateful for this team who knows our aches and pains, they steer us in the right direction, health and workout wise. Not only do they know about our body aches, but they take it a step further and ask about our day to day life aches and pains. They tell us to breath and let it out at the end of every workout.

{T}  The people. Community is huge part of why we wouldn’t dream of working out anywhere else. You always feel like you are working out with a group of friends. Brothers and Sisters in arms.