5 Tips for Eating Healthy at Summer Parties

5 Tips for Eating Healthy at Summer Parties | Blog by The REBEL Workout

Independence Day long weekend is coming up, and while you may want to get crazy and blow your healthy eating right outta the water, we know that you’ll regret it afterwards. We’re not saying don’t treat yo’ self, but do make wise(ish) choices so you can keep your health and wellness journey on track. Here are our top 5 tips for eating healthy during the summer party season:

1.  Eat before you go
This sounds counterintuitive - why would you eat before going out to eat?! Because if you eat beforehand, you can choose what you’re consuming. You don’t know what options will be at the par-tay, so plan ahead and stuff your face full of healthy options pre-party.

2.  Bring a healthy option
Obviously this is only an option if you’re attending a potluck style party - it could be super awkward to bring your own food otherwise - but bring something that’s part of your regular diet, and bring plenty to share!

3.  Eat your vegetables
Your mom had plenty of reason to nag you about veggies when you were a kid - and those reasons still apply. Vegetables are good for you, whether you like them or not. I mean, don’t only eat vegetables, but certainly make a valiant effort to get in your daily requirements.

4.  Stay hydrated
Drink lots of water! Seriously, hunger pangs are often confused with dehydration symptoms. Drinking a full glass of water before you eat will help stop you from overeating. And, obviously, hydration is key on a hot day.

5.  Drink wisely
And speaking of hydration - alcohol DE-hydrates you, so stop double fisting those drinks Billy Boozehands. No one likes to drink their calories, so stick to drinks that aren’t swimming with processed sugars and calories.

Here’s the thing - it’s tough to eat healthy all.the.damn.time. Just do your best to eat healthy *most* of the time. You shouldn’t deprive yourself, but don’t go overboard when you treat yourself. And certainly don’t let your diet stop you from going out and getting a bit crazy - you deserve to have fun!