5 Reasons Why Community Is Important In Your Health and Wellness Journey

5 Reasons why community is important in your health and wellness journey | Blog by The REBEL Workout

When it comes to choosing a path for your health and wellness journey, you are bombarded with options. You can join an individual studio, take the ClassPass route, you can join a bootcamp, you can even go the solo path!

Regardless of the path you choose, finding a community to be a part of is important, and here are our top 5 reasons why we promote individual studio membership:

You Become Part of a Tribe
Your studio community is one that become familiar with you (and vice versa), and one that sees your progress along the way. They encourage you, challenge you, and the best part - they sweat with you every step of the way.

The Trainers Get to Know You
We get to know you, your goals, and your injuries. We are able to make modifications in class for you, and we remember what you are able to do in terms of movement. 

Studios Don’t Only Have Trainers, But They Have Nutritionists Too (At Least Ours Does)!
You have the opportunity to not only work on getting in shape through exercise, you have the opportunity to receive guidance from a nutritionist to get your health and wellness goals on track.

We Know Your Name!
Seriously, what’s better than having someone greet you by name?! We get to know your story - and we take an active interest in your life.

There’s More Flexibility
Our classes start as early as 5am, and as late at 7:30pm. Our pricing starts at $22 for a single session, and we offer options for monthly membership as well as class packages. One thing that never changes though, is our small class sizes, so you get individual attention at each and every class.