Happy Birthday Melissa!

Happy Birthday Melissa! | Blog by The REBEL Workout

It’s a special day over here in the REBEL world - our beautiful, fearless, lady boss is celebrating another trip around the sun!


Melissa, WE LOVE YOU! Thank you for be being a friend, a leader, an inspiration! You show us love every day, and we want to do the same for you - here are all of the ways we love you:


My favorite thing about Melissa is her gorgeous smile and her genuineness. - Becca S.

Melissa is one of the reasons Denver finally feels like home to me. She radiates this incredible warmth- no matter what kind of day she's having, no matter how many tasks she is juggling at the studio or outside of it, being in her presence is like a spa day for your soul. I hope she realizes the gift she is to all who know her. - Mallory B.

Melissa is the reason I get up at 5:15am three times a week, even though the workouts never get easier and most mornings I would rather be anywhere else; the idea of disappointing her and not expecting the best of myself is unacceptable. Plus – I count on her infectious smile and unfailing optimism to inspire me every day. Happy Birthday! - Jennifer G.

I’ve known you the longest
‘cause in my tummy you did reside.
I kept you in there and
For 9 months you did hide!

When you arrived
A beanie was put upon your head…
And that is how you started
With your hat fetish we said!

You have the most beautiful blue eyes
So clear, sparkly and bright.
Your smile lights up your adorable face
And that laugh is SO happy and light!

You couldn’t be more beautiful
Lovable, fun and sweet.
I’ll be waiting for some photos
'cause I’m sure that you will Tweet!

I hope your birthday’s special and fun
Just like you always are—
I’m sending you love and kisses
And hugs from afar.

I love you so much…Mom

From my (little) star third baseman to the big league pitcher who won the little league World Series . . . you've come a long way.
First a degree from U of Michigan to a business woman with exceptional expertise to help get people fit and healthy . . . and THEN creating a new state of the art fitness studio where clients love to sweat.

Then you and Ryan did it up in Mexico and added a Luxe along the way.
Happy Birthday to my little girl who’s been winning championships all her life.

Keep it up because you have so many talents and we are watching to see what’s next!

Love Dad

Melissa is my best friend. My other half. My coach. My reflection. My conscience. My perspective. My love. My light. My everything. #bestsisterever

I love the way Melissa smiles and make you feel loved, heard, understood and supported.

I love the way Melissa encourages me to be the very best versions of myself - in the gym and out of the gym. 

I love the way Melissa gracefully balances life - the beauty and the pain and ensures I do the same.

I love the way Melissa encourages us to be our own inner warrior - and to be brave and fierce and tackle what we must - and be kind and gentle with ourselves to be in a state of love. - Jody L.

Melissa is full of heart love kindness and badass move that makes me hurt good!! - Mark H.

She makes the most amazing Grain Free baked goodies. She has a way of always showing up in the exact way you need her to - no questions asked. Her laugh is contagious. She is incredibly generous. - Mary H.

She is warm, welcoming, and pure at heart. I was accepted into her life and loved for who I am the minute I met her. - Lori Y.

Melissa is one of those people who always seems happy to see you, excited to know you, and enthusiastic about whatever you're saying. Her sincere warmth and her infectious sense of humor are among the many qualities that make you feel like you won the lottery just to know her. - Charis C.

Melissa is a fabulous trainer! I am impressed with her knowledge, desire to grow, and her fun. She is going to be a great success story! (BTW Melissa gets really bored when teaching Pilates! Ha! Ha!) - Jennifer M.

Melissa is truly an amazing human, I think out of all humans she might be one of my favorites! You know that lame saying "Her presence brightens up a room" - or something along those lines? I didn't think that was real until I started working along side of her, she is a ball of sunshine that is ready to kick ass and take names. I guess what I'm trying to say is - Melissa is an amazing, superstar, genuine, and beautiful person and I am so happy to have her a part of my life. - Gina P.

Melissa has the incredible ability to lighten everyone's day when she says hello - when she asks you how you are; you can tell she really wants to know, and she's listening. - Samira Y.

From the moment I heard your voice on the phone, to my very first 6am session, to the many times I see you at home, your energy, positivity and love is always abundant. Thank you for your guidance, friendship and grace - you are truly one of a kind. Happy Birthday - I hope this year is your very best yet. xo - Caitlyn F.

Let me tell you all the reasons why I love you: the way you open your home and heart to me and so many others, the way you give and give and give with no expectations in return, the way you make me laugh so hard my belly hurts, the way you always pick up your phone when I need you, the way you love Koa like your own, the way you can finish my sentences, the way we can work magic together in business, the way you always have palo santo when we need it, the way you hold space with your shamanic ways, your shopping habit that becomes a gift for my closet, your infectious laugh and smile, the way you love so deeply and so fully that everyone in your path is swept up in your beauty. You're the kindest, most generous and loving friend I've ever known and I am so grateful to call you mine. - Sarah S.

Melissa has been one of my closest soul sisters for 7 years, and I consider her part of my "chosen family." Sometimes it's hard to remember my life without her. She has been a source of grounding, connection, learning, fitness & health, travel and sisterhood during that whole time, and it's one of my greatest joys to see it grow as our lives evolve. She's shown up for me, with her friendship and her amazing laugh, more times than I can count. Melissa is on a short list of people I would take a bullet for...but let's hope we both live long, healthy lives without any bullets. :-) Love you, badass warrior goddess! - Kat K.

It is hard to say just a few things I love about Melissa ;). I love her smile and how her blue eyes sparkle when she sees you. I love her calming demeanor and fun loving spirit. I admire her determination and grit. I love her loyalty and devotion to those she loves. I love the way she makes you feel in her presence. Most of all I love her creative yet sensible approach to life!! - Liza L.

1. Melissa has the best most contagious laugh.
2. She is an innately good person. She is on a constant quest to help and give back and better herself and everyone she touches.
3. Always up for adventure big or small.
4. Amazing shopping partner. Understands the value of a good leather jacket.
5. Passion for life.
6. I have shared some of the best most fun times of my life with her.
7. She was my sixth grade special friend. Which sounds weird and probably was but she truly is the most special person I know and we love her!
- Deborah I.

Sometimes people come into your life right when you need them the most. That was Melissa for me and I know many, many others! Happiest of birthday's to a woman whose strength and beauty always make me feel welcome, loved and inspired. - Jenna D.

When I think of Melissa, I immediately think of warmth. From the moment that I met her she radiated light, positive energy, and kindness. Melissa has the intangible gift of making you instantly feel like family. I can't think of a better person to build a fitness community; I feel so lucky and proud to be a part of it! On her birthday (and everyday!) I hope that Melissa knows how much she is loved and appreciated by those that surround her. We are all better for knowing her. Happy Birthday Mel! Love and light, Heather D.


And if you haven't felt ALL the feels yet, here's a heart felt message from your husband:


The love Melissa gives me is simply unexplainable, it's pure bliss. I am completely hers, like a loyal dog. Her every move I watch, enamored by her beauty and aura. The very thought of her warms my soul. Do I try and label this? Do I figure out what category this fits in? Labeling it seems so elementary, so subordinate compared to how this truly feels. She loves me like I’m all she has, the thought of losing me she can’t deal with; although this is not true, it is the way her love make me feel.


Melissa is my goddess. She has no boundaries when it comes to love. She has this amazing ability to find compassion where it may not seem to exist. The glass is alway "full", not half full, for Melissa. She's an optimist 24 hours a day. I'm not sure how that is even possible, but it's infectious and the reason why so many people need their Melissa time.


Not a day goes by where I don't feel amazingly grateful to have this incredible being in my world. I get to share my days with this breathtakingly gorgeous and loving woman. What more do I need?