5 Questions with REBEL Client Rachel

Meet our REBEL Clients : Rachel | Blog by The REBEL Workout

We LOVE our clients. They are the reason we do what we do, and they make us proud each and every day. We want you to get to know them and find out how awesome they are so ... 

Meet Rachel! 

Give us a quick bio about yourself: what you do for a living, what inspired you to join The REBEL Workout, and how long you’ve been a REBEL.

I am the Vice President of Sales & Services for VISIT DENVER which is the City’s Convention & Visitors Bureau. I essentially sell this awesome city for a living and work with an amazing group of people that are passionate about all things Denver! Late last year my trainer made some changes with his schedule and the gym he was working with and it meant I needed to find a new trainer. At that time I was looking to find someone who was really passionate about fitness and personal training. I heard about REBEL from the owner of the hair salon I go to (Grand Salon), everything she was telling me intrigued me so I went to the website, reached out to Melissa and asked to be able to train with her or Ryan. Melissa was booked (I know why now!) but Ryan was taking new clients so I went and met with him and well … the rest is history! REBEL was the proverbial needle in the haystack I was looking for – Ryan was passionate about fitness and training, crazy about form, and they prided themselves on smaller class sizes which I loved!

1.  Fav REBEL Trainer?
My favorite trainer is my trainer Ryan ;). He rocks! I learn from him each and every week. He inspires me to work harder and smarter and reminds me that I’m not saving lives for a living and to continue to strive for more balance and to be kinder to myself – no easy feat!

2.  Fav Pre-Class Snack?
Melissa is my food therapist ;). She turned me on to EPIC bars and I love them, the Turkey Almond Cranberry is my FAVORITE!!

3.  Advice for Someone’s First REBEL Class?
Don’t be intimidated! The environment is supportive, encouraging, and the class will absolutely kick your butt - EVERY TIME - regardless of whether it is your first class or your 100th class!

4.  The Best Part About Being a REBEL?
I look forward to walking into The REBEL Workout each week. It’s the first gym I have been a member of that really is about building a community and welcoming people from all walks of life and all fitness levels. I never feel out of place and I always get an amazing workout!

5.  One thing that keeps you motivated?
Each week I get some kind of nugget from Ryan that makes me think and each week, no matter what kind of week it’s been, I get my head screwed on right!