Your Personal Fitness Mantra

Your Personal Fitness Mantra | Blog by The REBEL Workout

Staying motivated and keeping your fitness goals on track can be HARD.

Sometimes you wake up and can think of a million things that you’d rather do than hit the gym. Or you’ve plateaued with your weight-loss goals. Or it’s raining outside and you can’t fathom leaving the house. Or, quite simply, you’re just having a bad day.


And we want to help encourage you on your health and wellness journey. recently published an article on the benefits of creating your own personal mantra. While having a personal mantra for various aspects of your life - relationships, work, family, etc - is awesome, we think everyone should have their own personal FITNESS mantra. It’s something that can help keep you on track, keep you positive, and keep you focused on what you’re working for.

Here’s how to manifest your own personal fitness mantra:

  1. Review your biggest personal fitness achievements that you’ve had to date.
  2. Rate each achievements from 1 to 10.
  3. Choose the one that makes you feel the most confident, self-assured, and STRONG.
  4. Condense it down to one word.
  5. Use this word daily.

Write your word on a post-it note and stick them EVERYWHERE. Your car, your bathroom mirror, the back of your front door, on your gym bag. Everywhere. It will be a constant reminder of what you have accomplished, and what goals you hope to accomplish in the future.

We did this with a few of our REBEL trainers, and these are the words they came up with: perseverance, commitment, healthy, and confident.

We are here to be your personal cheerleaders.

You’ve got this!

Your sweat and hard work WILL pay off!

Check out that ass - you look awesome! 



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