Not Sure Which REBEL Class to Take? Let Us Break ‘Em Down For You

Bot sure which class to take? Let us break 'em down for you | Blog by The REBEL WorkoutThe REBEL Workout consists of 8 classes - and while those names stay the same, no two workouts are ever the same. We like to keep things fresh at The REBEL Workout, and we hope that you have the opportunity to try ALL of our classes!


Check ‘em out:



Challenging every major muscle group in the body, REBEL pushes limits, testing your strength, will, and mental toughness. An ever-changing combination of movements, exercises, and equipment, REBEL delivers a mind-blowing strength and cardio session. Kettlebells - check. TRX straps - check. Battle ropes - check. Did we mention weight sleds? Heart pumping and sweat streaming, REBEL will put hair on everyone’s chest. So bring it, beat it, and brag about it!



High energy, courageous and dynamic, this nonstop cardio conditioning class combines kickboxing, battle ropes, and cardiovascular drills for the ultimate calorie burn. MOTOR(BOX) is heart pumping, unpredictable and fun.



Maximize calorie burn, build core strength, and increase stamina in MOTOR(CYCLE). A mash-up of cycling, strength training, and conditioning drills, where no two workouts are ever the same. Get ready to mix it up with weights, resistance bands, kettle bells, TRX straps, and a whole lot more.



Sweat and shake like a REBEL in this high energy, low-impact barre class. Sculpt, lengthen and tone up with our distinct mix of pilates, yoga, and dance. REBEL BARRE targets the seat, legs, abs, and arms, sculpting and elongate muscles, get ready for short bursts of interval training to seal the deal.



NOT another spin class … Hop on a REBEL CYCLE for an unpredictable, challenging, and fun ride full of hardcore interval drills mapped for endurance, power, and speed.



Build endurance, strength, and long lean muscles in BARRE CYCLE. Dynamic cardio sequences get your heart pumping on the bike and at the barre, targeting the seat, legs, abs, and arms, for sculpted and elongated muscles and a trim and toned physique. There’s never a dull moment as you hit maximum calorie burn - zoning out is not an option.



Strength, stamina, and body mechanics define REBEL YOGA. Leverage the power of the breath, alignment, and precision. Work muscles, not joints. Challenge your mind and body, and learn how to be a REBEL on and off the mat. All levels welcome.



A combination of cycle and yoga. Challenge your breath, endurance, balance, and power in CYCLE FLOW. Intense cardiovascular focus on the bike will build strength in both lungs and legs - sculpting glutes, hamstrings, and quads. The ride is followed by an active flow of poses to lengthen and strengthen muscles, and align bones and joints for a sweaty and centered body. Boost your body, mind and REBEL spirit. All levels welcome.


Check out our class schedule HERE, and get your ass in for a workout ASAP.


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