Sarah Jane Sandy

Sarah Jane Sandy is a Certified Nutrition Therapist in the Boulder/Denver area and is the founder of Janey Appleseed Nutrition and the co-founder of Natural Instinct Nutrition. She runs a busy private nutrition practice working with current elite athletes, retired professional athletes, executive athletes, women, children, and everyone in between. She is passionate about using food as therapy; to heal, to transform, to change, and to nourish. She emphasizes the importance of eating whole, real, pastured, wild caught, traditional, nutrient-dense, properly prepared foods, and believes these are the keys to unlocking one’s most vibrant self. In her clinical experience, she has witnessed the dramatic benefits of implementing simple dietary and lifestyle changes time and time again: stable blood sugar, weight loss, reduced inflammation, fertility enhancement, improved blood lipids, balanced energy levels, improved sleep patterns, reduced allergies, more efficient workouts, and much more.

Sarah Jane Sandy is currently not instructing any classes.