charis cook

Charis is certified personal trainer, Pilates instructor, and Russian kettlebell instructor. She is also a functional movement specialist, using corrective exercises to prevent or rebound from injury. Charis is obsessed with all forms of movement and passionate about empowering people through strength and physical and mental toughness.

charis cook instructs the following:
  • REBEL MissFits
  • Strong is the new sexy and REBEL MissFits is all about strong, sexy ladies!
    REBEL MissFits is designed to build a tribe of badass ladies! Women can work together to gain confidence in lifting heavy and moving with better form and technique. 

    This program is not a watered-down class, it can be scaled or modified according to each individuals ability. There will be a large emphasis on proper form and technique, which is taught and reinforced throughout class. All levels are appropriate and accommodated in this class.


  • Where can you get sprint intervals and grueling climbs of a killer cycle class along with the core shredding, booty building, thigh sculpting perks of Pilates? Look no further than Cycle Pilates. Improve posture, stamina, and flexibility, and achieve ultimate control and balance within your body with this heart pounding fusion class.

  • Challenging every major muscle group in the body, REBEL pushes limits, testing your strength, will, and mental toughness. An ever-changing combination of movements, exercises and equipment, REBEL delivers a mind-blowing strength and cardio session. Kettle bells - check. TRX straps - check. Battle ropes - check. Did we mention weight sleds? Heart pumping and sweat streaming, Rebel will put hair on everyone’s chest. So bring it, beat it, and brag about it!

  • NOT another spin class…Hop on a REBEL CYCLE for an unpredictable, challenging and fun ride full of hardcore interval drills mapped for endurance, power and speed.